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Issue 43

Cover art by celebrated Colombian-Ecuadorian cartoonist Power Paola

Featuring the winning piece from our 2019 Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction and the winning piece from the inaugural Liminal Fiction Prize

Conversations between Alison Whittaker and Nayuka Gorrie, and Jordy Rosenberg, Stella Maynard and Eilish Fitzpatrick.

Nonfiction by Ana Maria Gomides, Paula Abul, Maddee Clark and Sydnye Allen.

Fiction from Sam Pink, Victoria Manifold, and Aude (translated by Cristy Stiles).

Poetry from Saaro Umar, Eunice Andrada and Elyas Alavi.

Columns including Antonia Pont’s ‘Thinking Feeling’ column, Michael Dulaney’s ‘Environment’ column, Aimee Knight’s ‘Pop Culture’ column, and Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny Phang’s ‘Law School’ sex+relationships advice column.

A special ‘By Numbers’ feature on pet ownership in Australia.

New comics and visual art by Miles Howard-Wilks, Margot Ferrick, Han Teng, Antoine Orand, Matty Kaye, Thu Tran, Rebecca Scibilia, Arts Project Australia, Haein Kim, Nadia Ingrid, Casey Jarman, Ilana Bodenstein, Meg O'Shea, April Phillips, Lizzie Nagy, and Shae San Sim.






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