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Issue 40: BLAK BROW

COVER ARTWORK: by artist Rubii Red
NONFICTION: by Tracy Bunda, Angelina Hurley, Karen Jackson, Celeste Liddle, Timmah Ball, Lidia Thorpe, Latoya Rule, Paola Balla and her daughter Rosie Kalina, Ellen van Neerven and her mum Maria van Neerven-Currie, Mandy Nicholson, the Koorie Youth Council, WAR (Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance), Hannah Morphy-Walsh, Belinda Briggs, Kate ten Buuren, Antoinette Braybrook, Susie Anderson and Sissy Austin;
FICTION: by Melissa Lucashenko, Eugenia Flynn, and Vickie Roach;
POETRY: by Evelyn Araluen, Neika Lehman, Vicki Couzens, Emma Hicks, Nellie Green, Savanna Kruger, Natalie Harkin, Charmaine Papertalk Green, Elizabeth Walker, Jeanine Leane, Kat Clarke, Pauline Whyman, and Lisa Bellear;
SONG LYRICS: by Carole Fraser
ARTWORK: a special section about the recent Blak to the Future exhibition, featuring Savannah Kruger, Katen Balla, Rosie Kalina, Charlotte Allingham, Yasmin Harradine, and Pierra Van Sparkes; and visual artwork by Moorina Bonini, Savanna Kruger, Ruby Kulla Kulla, Gabi Briggs and Arika Waulu, and This Mob.






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