Issue 36: The Feeders Digest
      DECEMBER, 2017

NONFICTION: Karen Allison Hammer, Lei Wang, Lian Low, Astrid Lorange, Justin Clemens, Michael Davison, Tamar Chnorhokian, Katerina Bryant, Mark Dean, Briohny Doyle, Michael Dulaney, Jana Perković, Ellena Savage, and Hayley Singer;
FICTION: Jack Vening and Anna Spargo-Ryan, and also by Wei Tianyi (translated by Michelle Deeter);
POETRY: Craig Santos Perez, Chen Chen, Valeria Tentoni;
CONVERSATIONS: Craig Santos Perez and Chen Chen;
COMICS & ARTWORK: Lou Smith, TextaQueen, Max Baitinger, Aaron Billings, Jordan Speer, Lizzie Nagy, Nicky Minus, Max Mose, Merv Heers, Mary Leunig, Anna Di Mezza, Rachel Ang, Molly Turner, Stephen Tierney, Oscar Nimo, Jonathan McBurnie, Josephine Edwards, Rosell Flatley, and Nikolaus Dolman;
SEX AND RELATIONSHIP ADVICE: Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny