Revealed: Contents and Contributors – ‘The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two’

Can you believe it? The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two is coming out November 6! That's two weeks from today. Heck. Yeah.

As a special tease, today we're revealing the authors whose work we're featuring in this anthology that celebrates five more years of our magazine. They include such distinguished names as Fiona Wright, Eileen Myles, Peter Polites, Margo Lanagan, Darren Hanlon, Ryan O’Neill, and Margaret Atwood. Also represented in this stellar lineup are talented Brow Books authors Briohny Doyle (The Island Will Sink, 2016) and Shaun Prescott (The Town, 2017). Lastly, the book boasts a fantastic foreword by Amy Gray.

You can pre-order the book today – we're mailing them out at the end of this week to everyone who orders before then!

Without further ado, here is the full list of contents and contributors for The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two:

  • ‘Get Me Out Of Here’ – Paola Balla
  • ‘Interloping’ – Peter Polites
  • ‘Sobriquet’ – Safia Elhillo
  • ‘Anorectics Anonymous’ – Fiona Wright
  • ‘Lines taken from love-related emails I wrote to people between 06 June 2005 and 18 December 2013’ – Ellena Savage
  • ‘An Australian Short Story’ – Ryan O'Neill
  • ‘Looking For Loretta’ – Briohny Doyle
  • ‘Brief Accounts of Being on Holiday’ – Chris Somerville
  • ‘The Vulnerable Phoenix’ – Adam Curley
  • ‘Short Takes on Wolves’ – Margaret Atwood
  • ‘The Right Kind of Blood’ – Rosanna Stevens
  • ‘How to Find a Song using the Bounce of a Kangaroo’ – Darren Hanlon
  • ‘The Necessary Ugliness of Sadistik Exekution’ – Shaun Prescott
  • ‘Plum Tree’ – Pip Smith
  • ‘Ain't No D in the DMZ’ – Nic Low
  • ‘Two or Three Things Auteurs Know About Auteurs’ – Rebecca Harkins-Cross
  • ‘A Brief History of Light’ – Upulie Divisekera
  • ‘From “Notes for an Opening”’ – Wendy Xu
  • ‘Dream Full of Dreams’ – Matthew Hickey
  • ‘Adult Industry’ – Sam George-Allen
  • ‘They Must Be Somewhere!’ – Zora Sanders
  • ‘At Camelot’ – Nic Holas
  • ‘By Desecration Rock’ – Margo Lanagan
  • ‘So This One Time: Selected Outcall Whore Stories (2008-9)’ – Regrette Etcetera
  • ‘Large Large White Flowers’ – Eileen Myles
  • ‘Humans Pretending To Be Computers Pretending To Be Human’ – Oscar Schwartz
  • ‘The Rules of Transaction’ – Dion Kagan
  • ‘Six New Anecdotes’ – Wayne Macauley
  • ‘The Critic in the Episode “Guilt”’ – Jana Perkovic
  • ‘Let's Hear It For the Boys’ – Danez Smith
  • ‘The Classroom’ – Eugenia Flynn
  • ‘Australia Day’ – Khalid Warsame

We know this lineup sounds too good to be true – but trust us, it's legit. Read on to learn more about The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two. And stay tuned for more news in the lead up to the November 6 release day.

More info about the book:

The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two celebrates five more years of the most idiosyncratic literary journal from Australia. The anthology includes essays on queer life, Aboriginal history, and the adult industry, as well as fiction that rewrites the Australian literary canon and poetry from some of the world’s best.

This book is a perfect entry-point into the most interesting elements of Australia’s current literary culture, Volume Two is diverse, exciting, and isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions –  an eclectic and significant collection that captures the sharp sense of humour and experimental sensibility for which the magazine is best known.

Volume Two is a follow-up to The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume One (2013) which collected the best work from the first five years of The Lifted Brow magazine.

Praise for The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two:

The Lifted Brow regularly produces fresh and dynamic work from some of Australia's most talented writers and artists. Here, they have gathered together creative work absolutely vital to our cultural heartbeat.”
Tony Birch, author of Ghost River, Blood and Shadowboxing

The Lifted Brow raises hackles with the freshest writing around. This collection is a marvellous showcase of this work.”
Phillip Adams, commentator and broadcaster

"How lucky we are to have The Lifted Brow – a game changer from its inception and an incubator for some of the world’s most compelling storytellers."
Michelle Law, writer and screenwriter

The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two is released nationally on November 6. Preorder a copy here.