Shaun Prescott’s ‘The Town’ Sold into Multiple Territories

We have another exciting rights update about Shaun Prescott's The Town.

Last month we announced the sale of Shaun’s novel to Faber and Faber, who will be publishing a hardcover edition of The Town in August 2018. Since then Faber and Faber has successfully sold the book into the following territories, to the following publishing houses:

  • United States (Farrar, Straus and Giroux);
  • France (Buchet/Chastel at Libella);
  • Germany (Blumenbar at Aufbau);
  • and Spain (Literatura Random House).

These territorial deals are such terrific news for a quiet, sincere, critical and darkly funny work of Australian fiction. That such renowned publishing houses from countries with such rich literary histories see so much potential in The Town proves the universal appeal of the novel is real. To have all these publishing houses sign on to a book that hasn’t (yet – fingers crossed) won a single award is testament to the subtle power of this remarkable work of fiction. The text speaks for itself – it has so much to say about who we are as Australians, and as human beings.

We recommend you grab a first-edition copy of Shaun's book while you still can!