‘Articulating the Inarticulable: a Review of Alice Chipkin and Jessica Tavassoli’s “Eyes Too Dry: A Graphic Memoir About Heavy Feelings”’, by Eloise Grills

CW: this piece contains references to suicide.

TLB Online is super excited to present Eloise Grills's stunning, fully illustrated review of Alice Chipkin and Jessica Tavassoli's Eyes Too Dry.

Eloise Grills is a comics artist, writer, photographer, zine maker and editor living in Melbourne. Her essays, poetry and comics have been published in CHART Collective, Scum Magazine, LOR Journal, The Age and VICE, among many others. In 2016 she was awarded a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship for Illustrators. She currently edits memoir for Scum Magazine, tweets and grams from @grillzoid and sporadically updates her tinyletter, Grilled Designs.