Holiday Gift Bundles 4 Sale 4 u or 4 someone u love

Scratching your heads for something special to get the funny/smart/discerning loved ones in your life? Running low on ugly candles and tea towels to regift? Dreading the thought of dragging your corporeal form up and down a shopping centres for hours and hours?

Us too. That's why we've created a neat alternative to the usual seasonal grind. If your friends enjoy boundary-pushing literature, art and criticism from across the world, then we have just the ticket! That's right: a brand new range of holiday gift bundles, curated with love. Thoughtfulness in a neat little package. And you don't even have to set foot in a store or nuthin.

All bundles come with free shipping to anywhere in Australia. You'll be spending your dollarydoos on a not-for-profit organisation that supports local artists and writers, and scoring yourself some neat gifts in the process! Take a look m8!



Know someone who is crazy about quality Australian attack journals? Who isn't, really? This package gets you a print subscription to The Lifted Brow, starting with our current issue, as well as a big ol' Bag O' Brows. You can gift one and keep the other if you like. We won't tell.

blast from the past.jpg

If you're keen to go spelunking in The Lifted Brow's back catalogue, then this bundle is the perfect place to start. You'll get a Bag O' Brows plus a copy of our newly released The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two, which collects the best articles from our print magazine over the last five years. With a lineup that includes Fiona Wright, Eileen Myles, Paula Balla, Peter Polites, Margo Lanagan, Upulie Divisekera, Darren Hanlon, Ryan O’Neill and Margaret Atwood you can't go wrong.


If you or your friends are tired of the dystopian present, then this future-oriented bundle may be just you/they need. You'll receive a copy of Briohny Doyle's critically acclaimed speculative/literary novel The Island Will Sink as well as a print subscription to The Lifted Brow (starting with the current issue). With some truly special issues coming up, we can promise that this gift will stand the test of time.

no magazines.png


And if your loved ones are already loyal subscribers of the magazine/hate anything that's not a book? Then we have the perfect bundle for them! This zine-free bundle will snare you a copy each of Brow Books' four most recent publications: The Island Will Sink; The Town; Law School: Sex and Relationship Advice from Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny Phang ; and The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two. What a boon! Split 'em between multiple friends, or just the one if you're feeling generous.


A tip for all orders going to Australia: make sure you order by midnight on Thursday December 14th to ensure delivery in time for Christmas, if that's your aim.