Welcome to our new website!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! We’re so glad you are here, because it means the site hasn’t broken yet. Not that it’s going to break! It’s totally safe, you’re totally safe. Stay.

We’ve been elbow-greasing away behind the scenes for a while now, readying this website for you. It boasts many new features, and is much easier to use. Hopefully your clicking finger is ready to do some.................. clicking.

As it has been for a long time, our website is still the online home of all things TLB – the place you should come when you want to know anything and everything about what we’re up to, and the place to come to read work that is not-quite-like any work published anywhere else.

If commentary or literary criticism is what you’re after, check out our web publishing platform TLB Online. There you’ll also find exclusive extracts from our print magazine and other extras, including interviews, poetry, and a whole bunch of music mixtapes compiled by some of our contributors.

If you want to learn a little about our history or the shadowy figures behind our operation, check out our Who We Are and Masthead pages. You can also find more information about our magazine, where our stockists are located around Australia and the rest of the world, and how you can contribute your writing or artwork. And please check out the Brow Books page, which doubles as the big reveal of our book publishing imprint’s new name and logo and totally professional things like that.

Our revamped online store makes buying our magazines, books and merch ridiculously easy. And perhaps today is the ultimate time to consider becoming a subscriber or renewing your subscription – being a subscriber is the bestest and truest way to nugget your way in to the core of our community – and also you’ll save money off the cover price and receive lots of perks.

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So, without further ado: happy Brow-sing in your web Brow-ser you totally confident and definitely not Brow-beaten attractive human.