Life is a Mixtape, and Therefore We Have Created Life?

Friends! We at TLB have been cooking up something extra special: it’s small, it’s rectangular, it’s full of music. It’s an iPod! We’ve invented the iPod again! No, it’s not an iPod. It’s a: mixtape cassette. We’ve gone and made the definitive TLB mixtape cassette – and now it’s time to share it with you. If you’re a subscriber, that is.

Yep, that’s right: this mixtape is available only to subscribers to our magazine. You can be a print subscriber or a digital subscriber – as long as you subscribe to the magazine then you can request a cassette or a download code. We’re including instructions on how to claim your mixtape inside the forthcoming print copies of Issue 35, and we’ll send instructions to digital subscribers soon.

This one-off cassette tape features original tracks from 17 of our favourite contemporary Australian acts. 17 original works from musical artists who are engaging, challenging and exciting us in 2017. And as well as being a rubine-red treat, each cassette is decked out with Marc Pearson artwork, on the cassette itself as well as the cover art. Priceless! Unable to be priced!

So, do subscribe now to make sure you secure your copy of this mixtape.

For those of you who are already subscribed, ready your Walkmans, and keep an eye out for your copy of Issue 35.

Below are the artists who have made this mixtape the audaciously different audio experience that it is.


Fia Fiell

Melbourne ambient, experimental and dance music artist Fia Fiell, aka Carolyn Schofield, combines her practical and theoretical chops as a pianist and composer with a modern and perceptive ear for stretching out the orbit of millennial electronic music constructs. Her live shows involve multiple synthesizers played and processed in real time to create hauntingly ethereal, unsettling and other-worldly soundscapes, a sound which formed the basis of her first release, "A Hair, A Heap" on Nice Music last year. As an emerging composer, Schofield has been commissioned for multiple projects including the Arts Centre’s 5x5x5 program.

After already having a few beloved projects in experimental and heavy music playing drums and singing, Evelyn Morris formed Pikelet in 2007 and has since released four full-length bizarre pop albums, all of which have received great critical acclaim. Their songwriting skills are regularly reviewed as boundary pushing and exploratory. Evelyn has also amassed an eclectic and prolific back-catalogue of live and recorded collaborations with artists such as Laura Jean, Ariel Pink, Nicholas Albrook, and The Boredoms. Pikelet will be releasing their fifth album on LISTEN Records later this year.

Lady Lash

A proud woman from Kokatha country on the West Coast of South Australia, Crystal has been singing all her life. As a vocalist she combines refreshing Jazz melodies over soulful Hip Hop beats & as an MC she is a brilliant storyteller, naturally capturing the essence of every topic she rhymes about. Her many talents have seen her win awards in Victoria, where she now resides. These accolades include a Deadly Award nomination, an Age Music Victoria Genre Award nomination, and winning the prestigious Victorian Indigenous Performer Awards for Most Promising Act of 2013.


Lalić is the evolving solo project of Mladen Lalić Milinković. from noise experimention, to formally releasing four albums ranging from folk to electro to shoegaze, since 2014. The project is represented live in various different line ups and formats. Her next album, Pretend Ranger, is a 12-track sub-driven, autotuned, lush cry beat exploration into sonic pop.

Jade Imagine
jade imagine is a four-piece band based out of Melbourne, led by singer-songwriter Jade McInally (previously a member of Teeth & Tongue, and currently plays with Jess Ribeiro). Along with bandmates Tim Harvey (Emma Louise, Real Feelings), Liam 'Snowy' Halliwell (The Ocean Party, Ciggie Witch) and Jen 'Sholaki' Sholakis (East Brunswick All Girls Choir, Jen Cloher) jade imagine make music that is subtle and candid, personal and understated, peppered with dry one-liners that stop a listener in their tracks.
jade imagine’s debut EP, What The Fuck Was I Thinking, is out now via Milk Records.

Milk Teddy

Milk Teddy is a five-piece from Melbourne, Australia comprising Alexis Hall (keyboard), Jonathan Mendelovits (drums), Thomas Mendelovits (vocal, guitar), Bronwyn Potts (guitar) and Rachel Stanyon (bass). Formed in 2007, Milk Teddy lit spot fires across the Australian indie landscape in 2012 with their debut LP Zingers and are now preparing the release of their fashionably late follow-up, Time Catches up with Milk Teddy (due August 2017). Milk Teddy's songs push beyond the slippage of irony and sincerity to find a space where camp, ruminative, astute and sincere fly together.

Tim Coster

Tim Coster, from Auckland now living in Melbourne, performs textural tape and keyboard music. He makes recordings and performs using a modular synthesizer, cassettes, and other electronics to create melodic and layered sound environments. Recent releases include Research and Motion, the Hovercraft cassette released by Where To Now? (UK), an Absent Outfit cassette on Canti Magnetici, and albums for Australian labels Room 40 and Alberts Basement. In 2014 he was an artist in residence at EMS in Stockholm, and WORM in Rotterdam.

Waterfall Person

Waterfall Person is a one person keyboard show, combining lyrics about magic and waterfall miracles with cool dance moves.

Pillow Pro

Pillow Pro are an emerging synth pop duo bringing lounge visions and sensual RnB vibes into the club. Based in Melbourne, Christobel Elliott and Sophie Millis create a dynamic fusion of thick bass lines, ethereal harmonies and rap vocals that make audiences dance their way into a world of satin and luxury. Pillow Pro’s impeccable production value re-invents the alt-pop scene.



“Mornings” is the latest single from Sydney’s Gussy. Written by Gussy and co-produced alongside Australia’s leader in grime, Strict Face (NLV Records), “Mornings” is a fast paced cut of left-field pop punctuated by a bouncing synth line and an instantaneous vocal hook. It comes as the follow-up to last year's single "Looking At Myself" which included a remix from Air Max 97 and saw them perform with the likes of Kllo and Oscar Key Sung. Drawing from their training as a ballet dancer and filmmaker, Gussy’s audio-visual work examines the agony of broken intimacy, and constant self-reflection.


Welcome to truth-n-dare > > > the new project of emotion punk musician June Jones and devcore producer Geryon. United to bring you heart-healing deconstructed electro-pop that is 90% (maybe even 95%) sure to make your mind dance.

Tt Sktls
Tt Sktls is a solo improvised electronic project by Alex Cuffe, a Melbourne-based non-practicing artist and musician and member of Sky Needle.

Lisa Lerkenfeldt

Lisa Lerkenfeldt is an artist, musician and DJ based in Melbourne, Australia. As a solo producer and one half of noise duo Perfume she is active in and around Australia's underground. Working with tapes, electronics, voice, percussion and field recordings her ambient, minimal noise sits between the club and the gallery. Her recent release Glass Braid (Vienna Press, May 2017), considers beauty and cruelty through the treatment of field recordings taken at a decommissioned psychiatric hospital. Working at the intersection of experimental music and performance, Lisa's atmospheric electronics consider poetry, gesture and noise.

School Damage

Chapter is excited to release the self-titled debut album by Geelong/Melbourne shambolic pop foursome School Damage. Originally formed as a bedroom pop project for Carolyn Hawkins (Chook Race, Pronto) and Jake Robertson (Ausmuteants, Hierophants, Frowning Clouds), they were soon joined by Jeff Raty (Richie 1250 & the Brides Of Christ) on drums and Dani Damage on bass. School Damage have released cassettes and 7”s on Moontown and Detonic Records. They played King Gizzard’s Gizzfest in 2016 and have shared stages with the likes of The Bats, Twerps, NUN and The Cannanes. School Damage by School Damage is the catchiest, most charming debut album you’ll hear in 2017.

Kimchi Princi

Gina Karlikoff, aka Kimchi Princi, is a rapper and spoken-word artist from Sydney. She is renowned for lyrics that reach into the core of millennials’ fascination with luxury and online self-discovery, and her work often analyses cross-cultural upbringings. After a highly successful Asia tour this year, Gina is now completing her debut mixtape which will launch late 2017.

Beloved Elk
Melbourne alt-rock duo Beloved Elk are excited to announce the release of their debut album DISTRACTIONS, out 20 February via LISTEN Records. The debut release for Amy Wright and Tina Nguyen is a culmination of four years of carefully constructing their sound – resulting in 11 tracks that showcase the band at their most intimate and powerful. Songs alternate from expansive arrangements to stark minimalism, the contrast allowing for periods of reflection to soak in the lyrics that are heart aching in their honesty. DISTRACTIONS is made for these moments of vulnerability, for those days when you can’t help but just look up at the ceiling searching for hope.

The Hackkets

Proudly hailing from Melbourne’s west, The Hackkets are a band made up of members with and without disability, brought together more than ten years ago as part of FCAC’s ArtLife program and still going strong! The band originally focused on covers, immersing themselves in the kind of universal classic hits Rock and Roll that wins over even the most hardened in-car sing-along scrooge, but since 2011 they have channelled their love of such classics into their own reinvented AM-radio fan-fiction. Singers Stuart Flenley (guitar/vox), Peter Tollhurst (guitar/vox) and Victoria Cini (keys/vox), bring three distinctly different approaches to the songs they co-write in the band. Rounding out the band are Dan Parsons, Zac Rush on guitars, Robin Waters, long-time member and veteran of the live music circuit Joe Vella, and drummer Andrew Pagenella.

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