Law School: Sex and Relationship Advice from Benjamin Law and his Mum Jenny Phang

We are so excited to announce the forthcoming Brow Books title Law School: Sex and Relationship Advice from Benjamin Law and his Mum Jenny Phang. Featuring incredible illustrations by Beatrix Urkowitz, this beautiful hardcover book will be in stores Australia-wide October 4th. You can pre-order it from your favourite local bookstore now, or pre-order the ebook.


Do you accidentally get turned-on while watching a nature documentary? Are you dating someone whose tattoos are the worst but you’re having the best sex of your life? Are you feeling emasculated because your girlfriend has had more one-night stands than you? Never fear: the world’s first mother-son sex and relationships advice duo is here to save you from yourself.

The longest-running regular column in The Lifted Brow, the ‘Law School’ column has been offering stern warnings, enthusiastic encouragement and sage (and not-so-sage) wisdom to desperate lovers and sexual adventurists alike in every issue of our magazine since 2011. This collection brings the best of ‘Law School’ out of the shadows of the literary back pages and into an excruciatingly funny and semi- explicit illustrated book of advice you never knew you needed.

Hilarious, rude and surprisingly heart-warming, Law School covers the practical and ethical dilemmas of sex and relationships from two generational and cultural perspectives. Ben and his mum Jenny challenge the way we think and talk about the intimate, and all in funny, earnest and blunt banter. Their advice will either save your sex and love life, or ruin you forever.


“Warning: This book contains a back-to-back feast of frank, funny and adorably inappropriate intergenerational wisdom.”

Tara Moss, author of The Fictional Woman and Speaking Out

Law School is part sex-ed, part life-coaching, part-comedy double act. Benjamin Law and his mother Jenny are not always the most wise (or appropriate) of agony aunts, but they’re easily the most honest, heart-warming and unflinchingly hilarious. The Margaret and David of romance and sex advice.”

Lawrence Leung, comedian, writer and creator of tv show Lawrence Leung’s Choose Your Own Adventure

Law School is lascivious and literary, simultaneously. It is incredibly enlightening and chock-full of sexual epiphanies.”

Tracey Spicer, newsreader and journalist

“If I’m watching a movie with my mom and two people start kissing each other for longer than three seconds she’ll yell at me to change the channel. I can’t imagine bringing up the idea of sex to her, much less discussing whether fucking a grapefruit is a good idea. But here comes mother-son duo Jenny and Ben with their hilarious, honest and endearing relationship. Read their damn book already.”

Ronny Chieng, comedian and senior correspondent for The Daily Show


Benjamin Law and Jenny Phang are the hilarious mother-son advice duo who are behind the long-running ‘agony aunt’-style sex and relationship column ‘Law School’, published in every issue of literary magazine The Lifted Brow since 2011.

Benjamin Law is a Sydney-based TV screenwriter, journalist and newspaper columnist. He is the author of two books—The Family Law (2010) and Gaysia: Adventures in the Queer East (2012)—and is the co-author of the comedy book Shit Asian Mothers Say (2014). Both of his books have been nominated for Aus alian Book Industry Awards. The Family Law is in its fourth reprint, has been translated into French and is now a major SBS TV series. Benjamin is a frequent contributor to Good Weekend (The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age), frankie and The Monthly.

Jenny Phang was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, and is the mother of five children, including The Lifted Brow writers Benjamin Law and Michelle Law. She lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.


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