Do you write non-fiction? Would you like to be published in the 36h issue of our flagship quarterly attack journal, The Lifted Brow? If so, we have some news for you: we’re looking for completed non-fiction pieces to publish in issue #36!

Our December issue of The Lifted Brow will be themed 'The Feeder’s Digest', and seeks to explore the loaded idea of consumption and its various manifestations. We’re after non-fiction that contemplates the decisions we make (be they ethical, political, and philosophical) about the things we consume, food and beyond. This issue will imaginatively delve into the sense of compulsion and passivity that is often associated with the word ‘feeder’, and which drives many human actions in the case of both literal and symbolic ingestion.

Discussions could tackle attitudes towards and the realities of meat eating/vegetarianism/veganism and their industries, present and ongoing; could extend to the manner in which humans are consuming the world’s resources, introducing questions of environmental impact; and could touch upon the notions of hunger, both indulgent and necessary, and the manifold ways this impacts our understanding of our place in the world.

As always at The Lifted Brow we’re hoping to elicit responses from a wide and diverse range of voices and viewpoints that we believe ought to occupy greater public space, and to be surprised by the work this prompt inspires. We particularly encourage people who identify as queer and/or trans and/or intersex and/or are of any colour, religion, or gender, and/or have a disability, to submit. There are of course no age limits.

We encourage writers to approach their non-fiction submissions boldly, deeply, and/or experimentally. Think big or small, but whatever you think make sure it’s in keeping with what the we tend to publish (check out our latest issues or subscribe to best understand the work we like).

While an Australian focus will be favoured, we are a publication that is facing out to the world, and so we’re open to anything from everywhere about everything.

We will look fondly upon:

  • lyric and personal essays;
  • narrative nonfiction and highly researched, investigative stories;
  • comment pieces that blend the personal with the universal;
  • long essays;
  • playful theory;
  • environmental, science and technology writing with a human and/or political element;
  • memoir and other life writing;
  • collected vignettes;
  • and pieces that are perhaps uncategorisable, and that make imaginative use of the printed page.

Complete drafts of all submissions must be sent through by midnight AEST Monday 18 September, 2017. At this stage we are not looking for pitches for non-fiction work – just complete pieces.

Please submit all work via our Submittable – we really, truly, madly, deeply do not accept submissions via email.

Again: the best way to understand the kind of work we like to publish is to read our magazine. You can grab a copy here, in print or digital format.

Any questions or queries can be emailed.

Issue 36: 'The Feeder’s Digest' will be published in December 2017.

You can submit as many pieces as you wish, though picking just that one piece that will knock our socks off is heartily encouraged. And please, only one piece per submission.

We pay contributors.

We look forward to hearing from you, and look even forwarder to reading your work.