Blak Brow: ‘FIRE Spirit Sonnet, for Alice’ by Natalie Harkin

To celebrate the release of Issue 40: Blak Brow, we are sharing some of our favourite pieces from the issue. Today: a poem by Natalie Harkin.

Fire Spirit Sonnet, for Alice

by Natalie Harkin

colonising giants pressure off-shore mines
no match for her hand, raised blue with the tide
this two-world storm surges high, seizing time
her heart, the eye where wild and calm reside
she's Romaine's call to rise, surprise with her will
she's Melissa's mighty heart and Lisa's smile
she's Alexis and Ellen, potent words distilled
she's Kerry's strength and Ali's infinite sunrise
the country mourns her a flood to gift the deep
currents swell a mother-sister-love sublime
the struggle haunts her every wake and sleep
conviction, her bitter-sweet-dream lullaby
warrior-poet – keeper of fire burning bright
we honour you beyond the darkest night

This poem honours Maningrida anti-fracking activist, teacher and warrior-woman poet Alice Eather - we will keep her fire burning. It originally appeared in Blak Brow, Issue 40 of The Lifted Brow. Get your copy here.

Natalie Harkin is a Narungga woman and activist-poet. She is a Research Fellow at Flinders University with an interest in decolonising state archives. She has written for Overland, Southerly, TEXT and Cordite, and her first poetry manuscript, Dirty Words, was published by Cordite Books in 2015.