Call out for fiction and non-fiction submissions to our print magazine

Writers, we want your new/original/groundbreaking fiction and non-fiction for our print magazine (c'mon... we'll pay you for it). As of yesterday, our fiction and non-fiction submittables are open to any and all, but check out our guidelines before you submit.

We love writing that is bold, experimental and/or challenging. If you're not familiar with our magazine or the work we've published in the past, now would be a good time to grab a copy or subscribe. You'll get a clearer idea of the kind of writing we champion and you'll be supporting the magazine you want to be published in.

The deadline for both our fiction and non-fiction submittables is midnight AEST on Monday 12 March, 2018. So make sure you submit in the next four weeks if you want your work/pitch to be considered.


We want fiction that is brazen and alive. We want fiction that rearranges something in our heads; that immerses us in a new world. We want fiction that challenges our idea of what fiction can be.

You’re blending genres? Great! You're attempting something a little odd, or untried, or really quite difficult – that's fine! Please send us your most ambitious work; we are forever eager to be convinced. The point being, if you're not trying to be new/different/innovative/challenging, your piece of fiction probably isn't for us.

We particularly encourage writers who are queer and/or trans and/or of any colour, religion, gender, and/or have a disability, and/or are rad and excellent and canny, to send us work. New and different perspectives are the ethic of great fiction and we’re in the business of great fiction.

If you’re writing very short short stories — stories under 100 words—please send ten to twenty at once, in a single document. We also love love love long fiction – 5,000 words and above. Even 10,000! What we're trying to say is that any and every size is okay by us.

We accept unpublished work only. Previously published, prize-winning, or broadcast work will not be accepted. (Previous online posting constitutes prior publication.)

You can find the fiction submittable for our print magazine here.


The Lifted Brow is always and forever most interested in writing that focuses on the arts, gender, race, ecology, economics, politics, work, and sexuality.

While an Australian focus will be favoured, as we are an Australian-based publication that is facing out to the world, we're open to anything from everywhere about everything.

We will look fondly upon:

  • lyric and personal essays;
  • narrative nonfiction;
  • highly researched, investigative stories;
  • comment pieces that use the personal to look outwards to the wider world;
  • playful theory;
  • environmental, science and technology writing with a human and/or political element;
  • memoir and other writing from life;
  • collected vignettes;
  • and pieces that are perhaps uncategorisable, and that make imaginative use of the printed page.

There is no strict word count; we generally publish pieces up to 5,000 words. As accepted work will be published at some point within the next twelve months, we will look favourably on pieces with lasting relevance (for more urgent, timely responses, please consider submitting to our website.)

Please, only one piece per submission and, if you can, follow our writing guidelines.

You can find the non-fiction submittable for our print magazine here

Once again, the deadline for submissions is midnight AEST on Monday 12 March, 2018 so get those fingers a tip-tap-typing.

If you have any questions, you can email them to, or ask us via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.