The Lifted Brow Issue 37 out today!

Today’s a great day to be alive if you’re a lover of literature that prods, that pokes, that provokes. Not only is Intan Paramaditha’s unsettling collection of stories, Apple and Knife, on sale today – but it will be joined on bookshelves all around Australia by Issue 37 of The Lifted Brow. That’s right, starting today you can get your hands on both of these autumnal treats.

Subscribers will have already become acquainted with Issue 37, featuring the distinct celestial cover artwork by Joanna Frank. But for the unsubscribed—and there’s a simple cure for that affliction—here’s a look at what’s inside:

  • essays by Jessie Berry-Porter, Eda Gunaydin, Lucinda Strahan, and Holly Childs; fiction by Tien Tran, Elizabeth Tan, Andrés Barba and Hannah Giorgis;
  • poetry by Ali Cobby Eckermann, Michelle Cahill, and George Angel, as well as a suite of poems by Esdras Parra that have translated by Jamie Berrrout;
  • a conversation between Ali Cobby Eckermann and Michelle Cahill;
  • an interview with Teju Cole by Khalid Warsame;
  • columns by Nick Taras, Mark Dean, Michael Dulaney, and Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny’s sex advice column;
  • the most wonderful series on the topic of levity featuring Nayuka Gorrie, Tom Lee, Tanya Vavilova, Rebecca Slater, Josephine Rowe, Bobuq Sayed, and David Finnigan;
  • and comics and artwork by HTMLflowers, Anna Haifisch, Lee Lai, Saehan Parc, Emma Kohlmann, Michael Theodorou, Leonie Brialey, Georgette Stefoulis, Meg O'Shea, Funmi Durojaiye, Tommi Parrish, Paul Rhodes, Eloise Grills, and Shay Colley.

Doesn’t all this just make you want to dive in headfirst? Well you can make that happen by ordering a copy or visiting one of our stockists. Or you can read the digital version here.

Make sure you check out Apple and Knife, our incredible March release. And, as always, you can subscribe to the magazine and save yourself some hard-earned bux.