‘Pink Mountain on Locust Island’ out today

The best news: Pink Mountain on Locust Island is officially out today. Jamie Marina Lau’s pulpy, provocative debut is available to buy online and in discerning bookstores across Australia and New Zealand. You can also buy the ebook at iBooks, Google Play or Amazon.

Pink Mountain on Locust Island will be launched in Melbourne by Izzy Roberta-Orr. Join us on Wednesday 11 April at Readings Bookshop Carlton at 6pm for a 6:30pm start. For more info or to RSVP you can check out the Facebook event page here.

About the book:

Monk lives in Chinatown with her washed-up painter father. When Santa Coy—possible boyfriend, potential accomplice—enters their lives, an intoxicating hunger consumes their home. So begins a heady descent into art, casino resorts, drugs, vacant swimming pools, religion, pixelated tutorial videos, and senseless violence.

In bursts of fizzing, staccato and claustrophobic prose, this modern Australian take on the classic hard-boiled novel bounces you between pulverised English, elastic Cantonese and the new dialect of a digitised world.

Tip over into a subterranean noir of the most electronic generation.

Rantings and ravings:

Pink Mountain on Locust Island is bright, funny, and tender. Jamie Marina Lau’s surreal and self-possessed prose reads like a teenage daydream.”
Briohny Doyle, author of The Island Will Sink and Adult Fantasy

“Lau’s surreal prose captures the confusion of adolescence in the 21st century. Vivid, inventive descriptions of yum cha, high-school friendships and claustrophobic apartment living evoke the experience of growing up in a diasporic community and the sensory overload of being surrounded by people, yet still alone. A stylish yet moving glimpse into the loneliness of being a teenage girl, Pink Mountain on Locust Island heralds the arrival of an electric new Australian writer.”
Kelsey Oldham, Books+Publishing

About the author:

Jamie Marina Lau (劉劍冰) is a 20-year-old writer and musician from Melbourne. Her work can be found in Cordite, ROOKIE magazine, Voiceworks, the Art Hoe Collective and in Monash University’s 2016 anthology Futures. She is currently studying film and literature, producing music, and working on more fiction.