Maria Tumarkin's AXIOMATIC sold to US and Spanish publishers

Some very terrific news: we at Brow Books have sold Maria Tumarkin’s Axiomatic (winner of the Melbourne Prize Best Writing Award, and shortlisted for the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award in the non-fiction category) into a couple of key territories/languages.

North American rights have been snapped up by Transit Books, and the Spanish language rights have gone to Editorial Minúscula, both of whom are just such wonderful fits for the book.

Thanks to everyone out there reading and championing this book!


“I was immediately very impressed, moved and stimulated by Axiomatic from the moment I first started reading it. Maria Tumarkin’s approach to writing is the kind which may be one of the most fertile across all languages – not only because of its extremely interesting genre-defying aspect, but also because it enables a sort of empathy which, stemming originally from fiction but here in contact with the experiences of real people, develops itself with a particular music and, if masterly accomplished like in this case, may even have some sort of transformative power on the reader. Axiomatic is a beautiful and compelling book which we at Editorial Minúscula are very happy and honoured to have the chance to publish.” –Valeria Bergalli, Editorial Minúscula

Axiomatic is incredible. The writing is fresh and inventive and bold and caring and constantly questioning, managing to hold positions of doubt and certainty as a kind of ethical stance of unknowingness. Tumarkin’s areas of focus feel both particular to Australia and broad enough in their directions of inquiry—multigenerational trauma, structural inequity and racism, teen suicide, anti-Semitism, narratives of trauma and loss—that we were riveted and moved. This kind of hybrid nonfiction is a form that we at Transit Books love so much – but it’s true that it has become widespread and increasingly formulaic in its rule-breaking. What’s so exciting to us about Tumarkin’s project is that it feels like it blows open the hybrid form all over again.” –Adam Levy, Transit Books

“How amazing to be read in different languages, in different countries, by people whose lives I cannot quite imagine. I am mega-thrilled that Axiomatic gets to have a life beyond Australia (much as I am grateful for its life in Australia).” –Maria Tumarkin, author of Axiomatic

“As anyone who has read it can attest—and as local reviewers and readers have exclaimed—Maria Tumarkin’s Axiomatic is an extraordinary book. As such, it is both so fitting and so thrilling that the first two rights deals for Axiomatic are with two independent presses who are celebrated for their focus on the most provocative and engaging works of contemporary literature, and on treating such writing with the understanding and respect it deserves. We at Brow books can’t wait to see how Axiomatic is published by these two houses, and to see readers in the USA and Canada, and in Spanish-speaking countries around the globe, take up the book.” –Sam Cooney, Brow Books