Brow Books To Publish Jade Lillie’s ‘The Relationship is the Project’


As reported over at Books + Publishing, we at Brow Books are very happy to announce that later this year we’ll be publishing The Relationship is the Project, a vital book and new resource that aims to help practitioners, artists and cultural workers better engage with community-based projects.

We’re beyond thrilled to be partnering up with creative producer Jade Lillie to realise this book – Jade has commissioned and curated all the contributions as part of her 2017 Sidney Myer Creative Fellowship.

The book is co-edited by Kate Larsen, Cara Kirkwood and Jax Jacki Brown, and will feature chapters and provocations from thought-leaders across Australia’s arts, cultural and community sectors.

The Relationship is the Project includes:

  • Genevieve Grieves on working in First Nations cultural contexts;

  • Caroline Bowditch on access and ableism;

  • Dianne Jones, Odette Kelada and Lilly Brown on Racial Literacy;

  • Ruth De Souza and Robyn Higgins on cultural safety in the arts;

  • Daniel Santangeli on engaging queer communities;

  • Adolfo Aranjuez;

  • Alia Gabres;

  • Anna Reece;

  • Eleanor Jackson;

  • Esther Anatolitis;

  • Fotis Kapetopoulos;

  • Lenine Bourke;

  • Lia Pa’apa’a;

  • Paschal Berry;

  • Rosie Dennis;

  • Samuel Kanaan-Oringo;

  • Tania Cañas;

  • co-editor Kate Larsen;

  • and Jade Lillie herself.

“From ‘CCD’ to ‘CACD’ to old-fashioned ‘community arts’, not having a shared terminology around community-engaged practice means we have not had a united message, voice or set of principles for this work,” Lillie says.  “Community engaged practice is a way of working in deep collaboration with artists and communities to develop an outcome that is specific to that community. In community engaged practice, the most important element of the work is to develop and nurture the relationships. It requires a level of personal investment, time and communication to create the best possible environment for that relationship to grow and flourish. The relationship really is the project.”

There are very few non-academic, practitioner-led resources on this topic currently available, so we are very excited to be a part of bringing such a vital project into the world.

We can’t wait to share more with you all in the coming months!