The Lifted Brow Issue 42 is out today!


Issue 42 of The Lifted Brow is out in stores and online today, just in time for Australians to grab before going into hibernation, or before our lucky Northern Hemisphere friends settle poolside.

Wherever you are, Issue 42 has essays, fiction, translations, commentary, criticism, poetry, and as always so many pages of comics and visual art to see you through all seasons, days and moods.

What’s inside Shay Colley’s gorgeous cover?

  • experimental memoir from Anita Levin;

  • jessie berry-porter's tender-raw lyrical memoir on eating disorder and un/treatment;

  • an exploration of meat, bodies and the blurred line between, by Emma Hardy;

  • Eda Gunaydin's considering the experience of awkwardness across and between cultures and generations;

  • a hilarious, depressing index investigating Australia's proposed Antarctica runway, by Bella Klaver;

  • Léa Antigny reflects on motherhood and fragility in the face of climate disaster;

  • a meditation on im/mortal bodies and their relationship to fear, nature, and spirituality by Mira Schlosberg;

  • new fiction from Kat Gibson about spiralling self-consciousness and an impish garden gnome;

  • debut fiction from Dawn Nguyen that will irrevocably change how you look at carrots; 

  • new experimental translation from Julian Mithra;

  • translated fiction from Ilka Papp-Zakor, translated by Timea Balogh;

  • new poetry from Bella Li, Bhanu Kapil, Andrew Brooks, Magan Magan, and Quang Mai;

  • columns: Antonia Pont’s first ‘Thinking Feeling’ column, Michael Dulaney’s ‘Environment’ column, Jana Perković’s ‘Performance’ column, Aimee Knight’s ‘Pop Culture’ column, and Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny’s ‘Law School’ sex advice column;

  • a special series on libraries, featuring Eileen Chong, Ruby Pivet, Nathan Sentance, Vanessa Giron, and Sumudu Samarawickrama;

  • and new comics and visual art by Marlo Mogensen, Johdi Zutt, John Broadley, Donya Todd, Marc Pearson, Lala Albert, Rachel Ang, Charlotte Allingham, F. This, Marcelo Lavin, Aila Franck, Nadia Ingrid, Max Mose, Sarah McNeil, Will Thompson, Angelica Roache-Wilson, Leonie Brialey, Ashley Ronning, Leah Wishnia, Isabella Meagher, Thom Nguyen, and Nancy Li.

All of this can be in your hands for $15.95 (or for 35% cheaper if you subscribe).

You can find a copy at one of our wonderful worldwide stockists. Alternatively, you can order directly from us below or grab the digital version here.

Happy reading!

The Lifted Brow #42
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