Issue 43 of The Lifted Brow Out Today!

TLB issue 43_8.jpg

Check your mailboxes, check this link, or check the shelves and counters in all good bookstores for the bursting colours on Power Paola’s cover for Issue 43, because it’s officially out today!

We’re stoked you can all finally read the wonderful winning pieces of both the Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction and the inaugural Liminal Fiction Prize inside Issue 43. These accompany a fresh spread of thoughtful essays, fiction, translations, commentary, criticism, poetry, and so many pages of comics and illustrated work.


Here’s what’s inside Issue 43:

  • the winning piece from our 2019 Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction, ‘TRETINOIN’ by Jean Bachoura and Flatwhite Demascus;

  • the winning piece from the inaugural Liminal Fiction Prize, ‘Bad Weather’ by Bryant Apolonio;

  • Alison Whittaker and Nayuka Gorrie talk literary prizes and the responsibility of being black writers;

  • Jordy Rosenberg in conversation with Stella Maynard and Eilish Fitzpatrick about Confessions of the Fox, the history of trans surveillance, and the pleasure of being read to;

  • Ana Maria Gomides considers race, queerness, and personal histories through the careful lens of seeing and being seen;

  • Maddee Clark discusses architecture and urban spaces in the context of First Nations sovereignty;

  • memoir by Sydnye Allen about Albury–Wodonga, casual racism and our concepts of borders;

  • Paula Abul on queer desire, race, and the joy of drag king performance;

  • brand new realist fiction from Sam Pink that follows the mundane duties and acerbic conversations of a caterer at a wedding, revealing the unexpected beauty in our most trivial and consequential moments;

  • vinegary short fiction by Victoria Manifold that delights in its insalubrity;

  • arresting fiction from Aude, translated by Cristy Stiles, on the pursuit of silence;

  • new poetry from Saaro Umar, Eunice Andrada and Elyas Alavi;

  • columns: Antonia Pont’s ‘Thinking Feeling’ column about the ethics of the trigger and how to deal with triggeredness, Michael Dulaney’s ‘Environment’ column about the solidarity to be found the Whyalla steel industry and the wonders of the cuttlefish, Aimee Knight explores the traumatic heart of dark tourism in her 'Pop Culture' column, and Benjamin Law and his mum Jenny’s ‘Law School’ sex+relationships advice column;

  • a special ‘By Numbers’ feature using numerical data to investigate pet ownership in Australia;

  • and new comics and visual art by Miles Howard-Wilks, Margot Ferrick, Han Teng, Antoine Orand, Matty Kaye, Thu Tran, Rebecca Scibilia, Arts Project Australia, Haein Kim, Nadia Ingrid, Casey Jarman, Ilana Bodenstein, Meg O'Shea, April Phillips, Lizzie Nagy, and Shae San Sim.


A big thanks to our incredible contributors, columnists, editors and all the staff and interns at The Lifted Brow for making this issue come together. And, of course, a warm thank-you and ENJOY to our wonderful readers and subscribers. You complete us. ◆