A Mixtape by Angie


Photograph by Charlie Dennington.

A huge thank you to Angie for putting together this mixtape for The Lifted Brow.

1. Chrissy Zebby Tembo – ‘Trouble Maker’

I was first introduced to this album by rock music aficionados in Athens, my friend Alekos in particular, who would DJ this track at parties and gigs. There’s something so special about the guitar tones. They sound like rock records should sound and there is so much depth, energy and urgency to the vocals and lyrics.

2. Roky Erickson – ‘Bloody Hammer’

Roky’s classic double album The Evil One is one of my favourites, and I play it as loud as I can without disturbing my neighbours. Again, there is a kind of rock urgency to these songs, like the process of writing was an exorcism of some kind.

3. Wendy O. Williams – ‘Uniformed Guards’

Wendy is one of my heroes. In terms of her work as a vocalist, she is a total inspiration. Before hearing the Plasmatics I don’t think I had heard women singing in a way that was aggressive and rough in Wendy’s unique and beautiful style.

4. Oral – ‘Head’

Oral are a mysterious NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) band from Brighton, England. They released only one demo tape, called ‘Oral Sex’, and this is one of those tracks.

5. Black Hole – ‘Blind Men and Occult Forces’

Land of Mystery by Black Hole is an incredible album, so good I bought a patch and proudly wear it on my denim jacket. They’re a weirder, better, spookier, darker Black Sabbath from Italy.

6. Ngozi Family – ‘Hold On’

Paul Ngozi, like Chrissy Zebby Tembo, is another incendiary Zambian musician, and the album 45,000 Volts I listen to constantly. The use Zambian musicians make of Wah is always something that I admire as they have such precise command of this music tool.

7. Royal Trux – ‘Turn of the Century’

Royal Trux are without a doubt, my favourite band of all time. When I was fifteen/sixteen and I first heard them, I was like yes, this is it. This is all I need. Even after all these years, to me they are a band I’m still trying to discover. Their material is so broad, intense, and varied; it’s something I will never tire of. This song is from Cats and Dogs, the great album from 1993. I still remember hand-making my own bootleg Trux shirts when I was a teenager – some things truly never change.

8. Secos e Molhados – ‘Flores Astrais’

I was lucky enough to travel to Brazil and it changed my life for many reasons, one of those is definitely being enamoured by musicians from there from that point onwards. This band translates loosely from Portuguese into “The Wet and the Drys”. They are a kind of Brian Eno, glam hybrid. The band wear masks, and their songs waver between many genres.

9. Us Mob – ‘Genocide’

Us Mob, who starred alongside No Fixed Address in the Australian film Wrong Side of the Road. It’s got a real ‘70s feel and the solo at the end is really one to remember. This would have to be one of my favourite soundtracks alongside Billy Green’s awesome Stone LP for another Australian film from the 1970s.

10. Buffalo – ‘Pound of Flesh’

Buffalo are a band from Sydney who, in the 1970s, played with Black Sabbath and used to play at the local town hall near where I grew up. The vocals and solos are really impressive and they were one of the first Australian bands to embrace hard/heavy rock.

11. Billy Green – ‘Stone Main Theme’

I love Stanley Harbutt’s 1974 film Stone and the accompanying soundtrack by Billy Green, which just got re-issued on vinyl recently. Alongside the Performance soundtrack produced by Jack Nitschke, these two recordings are interesting as they examine instrumental rock music, heavy with solos and stuff so are kind of unique documents in that sense.

Angie’s latest album, Shyness, is out now through Rice Is Nice.

Tour dates:

Friday May 26 – 107 Projects, Sydney with Knitted Abyss, Spike Vincent & Table

Saturday May 27 – Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres, Canberra with Thunderbolt City + More TBA

Saturday June 3 – Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne