A Mixtape by Ella Hooper

Remember Killing Heidi, of ‘Weir’ and 'Mascara’ fame? Ella Hooper, their former frontwoman, just made us a mixtape. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“This is a rainy Sunday playlist (true to the day it was compiled on) and therefore it is a little sad, a bit dreamy and a pinch sexy, with pockets of hopeful groove poking out from behind the clouds. One must never end a playlist on a bummed note or 'sad song’ — though they are oh so nice to indulge in.

It’s a mix of my old favourites (Harry Belafonte) and current obsessions (Holiday Sidewinder) — songs that should make you want to sing into your porridge spoon whilst scrap booking or looking at old photos. It’s meant to be a bit of an aural mohair blanket.”

Check it out:

Ella Hooper - A Mix for the Lifted Brow by The Lifted Brow on Mixcloud

Here’s 'Low High’, the lead single off Ella’s forthcoming album In Tongues:

She’s being supported at the Northcote Social Club this Friday night by Jack Colwell, who made a mixtape for us last week. Check out his latest track, 'Far From View’: