A Mixtape by Martin King

As part of Melbourne’s White Night, a crew from The Lifted Brow and the Emerging Writers’ Festival got together to make a magazine overnight. The final product, Red Eye in name and nature, is a result of a wild, collaborative and exhausting twelve hours. Luckily, the team had DJ Martin King on hand for this invigorating set, recorded live on the night.

Martin King – A Mix for The Lifted Brow by The Lifted Brow on Mixcloud

1. Holy Herndon - Chorus

2. FKA twigs - tw-ache


4. Bok Bok - Silo Pass

5. Guerre - J U D G E / L O C K

6. Azealia Banks - Desperado

7. Friend Within - Renegade

8. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Ambient Mix)

If you haven’t already, catch up on Red Eye, our magazine in our night. You could do worse than reading it in sync with Martin King’s mix.

Martin King’s work exists primarily in the platform of dance and pop music. As a member of the groups The Harpoons and Oscar + Martin, King has toured Australia extensively on headline shows, as well as supporting local and international acts. 2013/14 saw King refine his solo recorded material and a live show, as well as conducting explorations into the field of video art, score and installation based work. In 2014 King has turned his focus towards themes of digital and human systems of information and perception, informing the writing of an exegesis as part of the RMIT Fine Art Honours degree, as well as exhibiting installation based works at SEVENTH Gallery (September 2014), First Site Gallery and the RMIT Fine Art Grad Show (November 2014). In 2014 King also celebrated the release of the Harpoons debut album (which he co-wrote and co-produced) and which received critical acclaim from RRR and the Rolling Stone AU.