A Mixtape by Rainbow Chan

Cover art by Jr.Blue/LashnaTuschewski.

It was only natural that the Noise Edition of The Lifted Brow: Digital (Volume 13, Issue 1) should be accompanied by a mixtape.

This is no ordinary mixtape, though: it’s been put together by Rainbow Chan, a Sydney-based singer/producer with a love for storytelling. Whether stitching together childhood dreams, rummaging through antique fairs or sampling odd sounds, Rainbow is constantly collecting bits and pieces for her music. An eclectic mix of vintage tones, sweet textural landscapes and layers of glitchy sounds, Rainbow Chan’s music is forward-thinking pop, embedded in the nostalgic imagination.

Hit play, sink back at your desk, on your couch, or whatever weird place you’re reading this, and let Rainbow’s mix wash over your tired Friday eardrums.

Rainbow Chan — A Mix for The Lifted Brow by The Lifted Brow on Mixcloud

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