A Mixtape by Sarah Mary Chadwick


A huge thanks to Sarah Mary Chadwick who made us this mixtape. Following three critically acclaimed solo albums, Sarah’s fourth solo album Roses Always Die is out now through Rice Is Nice Records.

1. Arthur Russell – ‘Tower of Meaning (part two)’ I don’t really like listening to music all the time, I drive around in dead silence and a lot of the time I have nothing on at home or when I’m working; however, something like this is something I would put on and listen to on repeat forever. The whole album is really good and much of the same. Kinda reminds me of an old Mike Leigh soundtrack.

2. A Band Called Life – Title Unknown My friend who passed away was in this band. I don’t know the track name cause he put it on my computer with no titles. Upsetting or calming, depending. Lots of stuff on Albert’s Basement (record label). From Hobart.

3. Alastair Galbraith – 'Money Is So Sad’ From the Album 'Mass’. Kind of the only lyrics-y song on the album. I really love it. I remember making a friend cry when I was twelve at high school cause I told her that “money is the root of all evil”. If this had been written I would’ve played it to her.

4. Sarah Mary Chadwick and Nico Spice – 'Special Time’ This is a song done in collaboration with Nico Spice. Dunno what he was aiming for, but for my bit it was words about my pal who died. Not for any album.

5. Lana Del Rey – 'Freak’ This song effing kills and anytime I can Bluetooth in an Uber, it gets cranked. So far statistics show that eighty-seven per cent of Uber drivers highly rate 'Freak’ as one of the best songs of all time. Seven per cent prefer Madonna 'Causing a Commotion’, and six per cent lack the technological capabilities to appreciate either.

6. Fair Maiden – 'Joe (demo)’ This is a demo of a song I believe will be on the next Fair Maiden album. It’s very sad and I interpret it as saying goodbye to someone. People say I write sad songs but I reckon Ellen Carey gives me a run for my money.

Sarah Mary Chadwick was previously the lead singer and songwriter of cult grunge outfit Batrider, playing alongside Julia McFarlane (Twerps), and Stephanie Crase (Summer Flake, Fair Maiden). Sarah’s fourth solo album, Roses Always Die, is out now.