A Mixtape by Total Control

Total Control – A Mix for The Lifted Brow by The Lifted Brow on Mixcloud

A Mix for Group Email Communication and other Technological Devolutions by Daniel, Al and Zephyr for The Lifted Brow: Digital.

  1. Mobb Deep – ‘Right Back At You’. From the Infamous demo. Everything is real. Raw. (Daniel)
  2. Amebix – 'University Challenged’. I got this Amebix '79 demo from a friend who just broke his neck; he isn’t paralysed but has to have some screws put in his skull so it doesn’t move for the next three months. Treasure your friends, health and shoplift when possible. Anarchy. I’m not sure if this really is an Amebix demo from 1979 or not but, it is cool and very un-amebix but still very British in that it was made possible by enslavement, oppression and theft. Can you tell I’m having a “university challenge” of my own right now? (Zephyr)
  3. Panasonic – 'Urania’. Dark and oppressive Finnish techno. They got sued by the electronics company and changed their name to Pan Sonic. Their 2014 LP, a double LP of live recordings from the Ukraine in 2009, is exceptional. (Daniel)
  4. Craig Leon – 'Ring With Three Concentric Circles’. I have very rarely walked into a bar/cafe and thought, “Wow, WHAT A GREAT SONG PLAYING LOUDLY OVER THE STEREO,” but it happened in the case of this record. Vote 1 Hells, all other bars, cafés and shops should be silent. (Zephyr)
  5. Popol Vuh – 'Song Of The Earth’. Rather than staying awake and alert on long drives I like to completely zone out and pass into some other state that is not quite sleep but similar. Mikey played this on the stereo on a long drive once and it really facilitated my dangerous zone habit. I’ve also started to really embrace the acoustic sounds and I am very grateful for Popol Vuh’s commitment and work in this field. (Zephyr)
  6. Sharon Marie – 'Thinking About You Baby’. Brian Wilson produced this for Sharon Marie, and later the Beach Boys re-wrote it as 'Darling’. Here it is less driven by hot love than by desperation and longing that is entirely suitable for Halloween mix tapes. (Daniel)
  7. Tami Lynn - 'I’m Gonna Run Away’. New Orleans born soul singer who sang this absolute banger. There’s a great message in this song: “if you don’t love it, leave it”. Well here’s the catch it’s hard to get away, isn’t it? Besides, why don’t you leave? (Al)
  8. Ill Winds – 'Matter’. Great song from these Cairns/Blue Mountains/Holland/Berlin transplants. Europe is now Australia’s playground. The tables have turned. Dig Jack’s fuzzed out bliss in this song. Gold medal. Now they’ve come home, Jay rules the world from Canberra. Good. (Al)
  9. Communism – 'chelovechesky faktor v deistvii’. Taking that vibe of the Amebix song to an extreme that only those who have felt the shitty hands of oppression around their necks can. This is not music to do anything to, I insist you sit or lie down and stare at nothing for the duration of this song. Perhaps think of the claustrophobia of MRI/CAT scans, bodily paralysis and life on Nauru. This song was made possible by the CCCP. (Zephyr)
  10. Lou Reed – 'I Wanna Be Black’ (live). Now you have experienced communism you may pick yourself up from the floor for this ridiculous song. It is not a pathetic American actor taking apart a wall but a less pathetic American looking over a wall – but not a very accurate wall or look. (Zephyr)

Total Control are a band. Their website is hengebeat.com. This mix was made by Daniel, Al and Zephyr. Al and Zephyr also play as Russell Street Bombings and will have an LP out early 2015. You can hear a song here.

This mix originally appeared in The Lifted Brow: Digital, Volume 14, Issue 1. Get the app and download your copy now.