A Mixtape by Weak Boys

Weak Boys — A Mix for The Lifted Brow by The Lifted Brow on Mixcloud

Sydney band and friends of the Brow Weak Boys have just released a new album called ‘Weekdays/Weekends’. To celebrate, they’ve made us a mixtape. Listen to it! And read the liner notes:


  1. Home For The Def – Some of My Best Friends Are Songs: There are a lot of bands/recordings from Adelaide that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Nigel Koop (the genius behind Home For The Def). With over 50 albums under his belt this song is a more recent highlight. If this was a just world it would be played every day on Triple M. (Matt)
  2. Smudge – Don’t Wanna Be Grant McLennan: Ideas improve. The meaning of words participates in the improvement. Plagiarism is necessary. Progress implies it. It embraces an author’s phrase, makes use of his expressions, erases a false idea, and replaces it with the right idea. (Craig)
  3. Hit The Jackpot – The Football Team: Maybe the best band to ever come from Adelaide, singing about how Dr. Phil is an arsehole. (Matt)
  4. Wizard Oz – Bad Dreams: After the last time we saw TV Colours me and some friends went home and took acid and had a bunch of bulbs while we played the album through - I will remember how that album sounded speeding up and slowing down and shrinking to 8 bit packets and exploding in my head for the rest of my life. I love this cover, found it on the internet by accident. (Chris)
  5. King Tears Mortuary – False Pregnancy: The way Lani Crooks sings and plays bass makes singing bass players cool again. My favourite band from Sydney. (Matt)
  6. Yes I’m Leaving – Can’t Get Out: Suburban alienation at its most brutal. A blunt object. (Craig)
  7. Toit – Why Don’t We Do It In The Road: Toit didn’t last all that long and they only released one album that I know of on CDR, but my god they were good. (Matt)
  8. Bitch Prefect – University Fiend: I’ve worked in Universities for a few years now. University employees and students across Australia must be thanking Bitch Prefect for so perfectly expressing their rage about life in the Edufactory. By the time this goes to print maybe our universities will be completely deregulated and this song will probably ring even truer. (Craig)
  9. Alex Cameron – The Internet: Roy Molloy’s mate Alex Cameron (Seekae) has a solo album and it has ten tracks on them all as amazing as this one. Its conceptual and funny but doesn’t suck in spite of this. Minimal and deceptively deep. (Chris)
  10. ROMI! – Sweat & Regret Part 2: Artist/musician/superstar ROMI has released 2 albums. The first one is a note for note recreation of Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveSounds and the second is full or party bangers and heart breaking originals. They both rule. (Matt)
  11. Sandpit – Along the Moors: From probably my favourite guitar record of all time. Just completely untouchable. It’s a shame they only put out one LP but then again I don’t think they could ever top this. (Craig)
  12. James X Boyd – Sweet Darling Rock & Roll Is What I Love: I got mailed a copy of James X Boyd’s first seven inch when I used to write reviews, it has five songs in mono, and it’s incredible. This is the last song. James is from Brisbane but now lives in Scotland (maybe, somewhere over there) and I email him once a year to see if he is coming back to play shows but no luck so far. (Chris)
  13. Beef Jerk – Beef Jerk Story: This song to me is the soundtrack to living in Sydney right now – share houses, tinnies, unnafordability, cheap guitars, Ultimo. Playing shows in the shadows of skyscrapers. The Music Media would probably call this dolewave, but the dole has been a de facto arts subsidy for longer than the last few years. (Craig)
  14. Megafauna – Life of Leisure: A short lived Adelaide supergroup featuring Corinna (Shame Spiral), Kynan (Hit The Jackpot) and Scotty (Bitch Prefect). A song about a beautiful fantasy that pops into my head anytime I walk past a park on the way to work. “I don’t wanna go to work today, who needs money anyway”. (Matt)
  15. Dag – Staying Cheap: This song sounds like Dusty from Dag just rolled out of bed on a boiling hot day in Brisbane and before he could even get a slice of toast he is found placed in front of a microphone telling the story of his life in song. What a song. And what an Instagram account he has. (Matt)
  16. O! – Second Hand Liquor Store: The only things I know about this record is that it’s from Perth, some time in the early 90’s and it was the first CD album released by Chapter. It’s the best kind of slinky, squiggly frantic guitar music that makes bands like Truman’s Water, Tucker B’s, and Nova Scotia so good. (Craig)
  17. The Cannanes – Not Camping Out: Classic band pens classic song about inner city neighbourhood change. What’s not to like?
  18. Ex-Serts – Business Man: It’s a one minute song with two lines of lyrics. ‘nuff said. Work it out for yourself. This is from those early 80’s Aberrant comps that are all really really good. (Craig)
  19. Glory Hole – Fight Back Fuck Hard: There is radical potential in our interpersonal relationships. Hierarchy and patriarchy can unknowingly be reproduced in our interactions with others, and it’s important to think critically about the structures that reproduce oppression in the spaces we create. (Craig)
  20. Spirit Bunny – Gold & Brown: Spirit Bunny is one of many amazing bands from Cameron Smith who is also in Ghost Notes, Tape/Off and Tiny Spiders, probably more. He also has a kick arse recording studio in Brisbane called Incremental Music. (Chris)
  21. The Mangey Koh Chang Nipple Dogs – Coagulating Eggs: This band never played a show and their identities are still pretty much a mystery. But they sing about eggs with a passion that is hard to ignore. Important stuff from the early naughties outta Adelaide. (Matt)
  22. The Nuclear Family – I Wanna Be a Dog in the Sun: Wollongong has the highest youth unemployment rate in the state of New South Wales. (Craig)
  23. Ben Doran – Hashtag: This song isn’t actually available anywhere, my friend Patrick McCabe recorded it and played guitar on it, and I think Ben Mangan co-wrote the music. Doran is one of the greatest writers I have ever known, he once wrote a song about the life of a cuttlefish, and how depressing it must be to end up as bird food. He lives in China. (Chris)
  24. XL Capris – My City of Sydney: I like that this song was originally written by a visiting American talk show host/adult contemporary singer, and was used as the Channel 7 theme song for about 20 years. I like that the punks took it back. (Craig)
  25. Ben Salter – I Am Not Ashamed: Ben Salter can drink anyone under a table. Especially young whipper snappers. (Matt)
  26. Extra Foxx – One In The Morning: This is a really old Extra Foxx song that was just re-recorded and released recently. I was in Extra Foxx for a short time in its very first incarnation as a band fifteen years ago. There’s been probably 40 or so people in the band since, maybe 100.(Chris)
  27. Chinese Burns – Not My Girl: I got to hang out with Chinese Burns in Melbourne while they recorded songs with Mikey Young at our house, Mikey was using a tape machine that he said used to be used to record Neighbours, it was a great time to be alive. They have put out five seven inches, and now all live in Qld and hardly ever play live. (Chris)
  28. Jonny Romeo – Ti Amo: Jonny Romeo (real name Jonny Romeo) is a punk rocker who lives in Griffith in NSW. He has a studio in his house and has released ten EPs this year, this is from the ninth. He also makes gelato, which is apparently amazing. (Chris)
  29. Small Fantasy – DSS: A song about love on the dole. (Craig)
  30. Summer Flake – The Wedding March (for Jess & Kynan): Summer Flake is the undisputed guitar playing champion of Australia. Move over Tommy Emmanuel and whoever that little kid was who played at the Olympics with him. This song is from her first EP which is brilliant. As is everything she has put out since. (Matt)