A smattering of reactions to TLB28

In December, the 28th issue of The Lifted Brow hit stores and the stoops of our subscribers. Since then, we’ve been hearing all kinds of nice things about it. Some of this feedback has been on social media — if you scroll down you can see a handful of these reactions.

If you haven’t nabbed a copy for yourself yet, TLB28 can still be found in more than 900 shops in Australia and around the world. You can also now purchase it from our online store, and we will pop your copy right in the post. And, as always, you can subscribe and receive four issues a year delivered straight to you, before they even hit the shelves (saving you 35% off the cover price in the process).

We cherish our readers, and thank each and every single one of them for supporting us, for supporting the writing, art and ideas we publish, for supporting a bunch of volunteer chumps who believe The Lifted Brow is doing something important, something that adds to the world and makes it a better place.