A Special Impromptu Dealio!


For a limited time only (seriously: this deal only lasts from now until whenever we elect to switch it off, which could be any time, could be hours, could be days, could be weeks, very probably won’t be weeks), if you purchase a print/paper copy of Briohny Doyle’s overwhelmingly adulated novel The Island Will Sink, we will gift you a free copy of any issue (subject to availability) of our magazine/journal The Lifted Brow.

It’s as simple as that!

You buy a copy of this terrific book, you choose the issue of The Lifted Brow that you want, and we pop both in the post for you.

All you gotta do is this!

“The structure is adventurous, dense and poetic … I thought of J.G. Ballard’s imaginatively coherent, hard-edged, full-fledged imaginings.”

— Luke Davies, screenwriter of Lion, author of Candy and God of Speed