‘A Tear in Flatland: Nick Sousanis’s “Unflattening”’, by Matt Finch

Cover image courtesy of Harvard University Press.

Today we’re proud to publish an unusual review of an unusual book. Nick Sousanis’s Unflattening is an essay in comic book form, exploring the frontiers of knowledge and perception, words and images.

Matt Finch responds by challenging convention and inviting us to take active steps in constructing a response to Nick’s book.

Take your first step below.

You wake in a library, sitting at a desk. Weren’t you supposed to be reviewing a book? Unflattening, by Nick Sousanis. You must have drifted off. And, come to think of it, where is the book? You thought you’d left it on the desk.

The lights are switched off, but it’s daytime and the sun shines in from tall windows.

Only the shelves are in shadow, which falls deeper and deeper until you can’t see the far end of the room.

You look down.

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Matt Finch writes and creates fun things for people to do in public places.