‘Adult Industry’ by Sam George-Allen

Yesterday, our excellent new partners LitHub, the global literary content aggregator (how sexy does that sound, hmm-hmmmmm yum) posted an exclusive, taken from our just-released issue: Sam George-Allen’s remarkable essay ‘Adult Industry’.

George-Allen remembers her time working at a strip club, and we go with her:

“But the job does not instill in me a love of men. I doubt they realize how feeble they are when they’re in that place, even when they come in, as they do, in packs—I watch men fall in love with me over the course of a night. It’s not like they can hide it, not in a place designed to coax their guard down and their wallets open. I watch them love me and I watch their hearts break when I turn them away and all it is is kind of boring. The only men I like are the ones who are free with their money. Sometimes they tip in fifties all night.”

Read the rest of George-Allen’s essay over at LitHub.


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