An Interview with Nicky Minus, TLB26 Cover/Feature Artist


Nicky Minus is an illustrator and comic maker from Sydney. Her work graces the cover of The Lifted Brow #26 as well as four pages of excellent colour comics inside the issue, and has appeared previously in The Lifted Brow #20 and #21, on the covers of cassettes and vinyl, and on posters for Sydney bands. Her passion for making filthy comics has led her to be dubbed “the queen of seed” by a couple of people.

To celebrate Nicky’s work as the TLB26 feature artist, our Deputy Art Editor Marc Pearson quizzed Nicky by email, kicking off our new series of interviews that worm into the brains of Brow cover artists.

The Lifted Brow: Hi, how are you?

Nicky Minus: Dope! Been awake for a few hours, had some coffees, done some chatting and now about to try and have a solid day of drawing.

TLB: What’s a normal work day look like for you?

NM: I have a studio I work in, so I go there everyday when I’m not at my terrible café job and when I’m not getting buck wild eating nachos and drinking beer. I have two extremely strong coffees with my studio friends in the morning and then we all knuckle down in the studio. I try to spend about eight hours working solidly but someone always suggests beers at around 4pm so we go there and use my pub discount key ring to get cheap jugs of beer and discuss life stuff.

TLB: I read online a little while ago that a printer you used to frequent refused to print your latest comic, Woman On The Verge, because it was too obscene. What would you say to them now if they were tied to a chair and you had a chance to yell at them and they had to listen to you?

NM: I was very angry so I google stalked the man in question, found his personal email address and sent him a very heartfelt and mean-ish message in which I accused him of being a prude. He wrote back and said something to the effect of “Yep, I am.” I got my friends to go onto his printing company’s Facebook page and leave bad reviews and zero-star ratings. I don’t like prudes at all! But also, they were really nasty to me on the phone about not printing the comic and backed out right when it was going to print, after having seen the work for the previous three weeks.

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TLB: Cool. I’m just going to hiss and boo at them.

NM: Or I can give you the Facebook page and you too can leave a zero-star review!


Fingering by Nicky Minus

TLB: Lately, it seems you’ve been doing more technical experiments – Woman On The Verge was one comic in two posters, and your piece 10,077,696 COMIX was nine panels that were all dice-like blocks you could move and change to make 10,077,696 different comic arrangements.

But you’ve also been doing more personal work too, like Body Shames & Body Fluid Shames in this latest issue of the Brow. Do you feel experimenting technically or otherwise informs/impacts the content of your work?

NM: The 10,077,696 COMIX was a uni assignment in which I kind of had to experiment with form to get good grades lol. But it made me want to explore comics outside of a book format. I’d like to move my comics into a gallery context eventually.

Content wise, I like making stuff about myself. I think it’s funny to make fun of yourself, and in real life I am pretty ‘too much information’ so it feels natural to write that kind of stuff and just be a massive turd. I have a huge mental list of everything I want to improve on with comics/art so experimenting is really important for that. If I’m having a terrible off day I try to use that time to experiment either by playing around with paints or trawling the internet for ideas.


TLB: What visual art/comics/other stuff are you interested in at the moment?

NM: My favourite comics I’ve read lately have been Head Shrinka by Anya Davidson, an issue of Late Era Clash by Mike Taylor, and Lovers Only that Youth In Decline put out. Otherwise, I always love the mad dog artists I share my studio with: Emily Hunt, Amaya Lang, and Jack Stahel.

TLB: What are you working on?

NM: I’ve only started drawing again after an injury that left me unable to draw for two months, so I’m super happy! I’m expanding on the Body Shames comics that were in the Brow. It’s going to be much more elaborate and hopefully across a few different formats. I’m also figuring out a disgusting, gross-out movie that my best friend and I are going to make once I finish uni in November. But for now, comics!

Nicky Minus’ work appears in The Lifted Brow #26. Get your copy now.