Next year we are relaunching our print magazine: reconceived, redesigned, redistributed. It is going to attack you in the most T-rexcellent way. You better start running! Running towards newsstands, that is. Except maybe wait until next year to start running — wait until the magazine is actually on newsstands, otherwise you’ll be waiting for months.

Still: the last thing you want to happen come the actual time to start running is for you to not have a truly deep historical knowledge of The Lifted Brow. And what’s a good way to obtain such knowledge? Why, buying a Bag o’ Brows (seven back issues of the magazine, seven issues of your choice, seven of the choicest issues of Australia’s most interesting magazine, for just $50) is a good way. The best way! And right now, for only a few more days, if you buy a Bag o’ Brows, you go in the running to win 50 books, 10 LPs, and tickets to smartpeople places. One person will win it all! One person will experience this avalanche fall of culture.

You can choose from back issues in which we’ve published work from people like Christos Tsiolkas, Helen Garner, David Foster Wallace, Neil Gaiman, Rick Moody, Karen Russell, Tom Cho, Douglas Coupland, Heidi Julavits, Tom Bissell, Tao Lin, Rebecca Giggs, Margo Lanagan, Jim Shepard, Frank Moorhouse, Anna Krien, Romy Ash, Matthew de Abaitua, Diane Williams, Sam Lipsyte, Sheila Heti, Jim Shepard, Chris Somerville, Elizabeth Gaffney, Andrés Neuman, Angie Hart, Blake Butler, Benjamin Kunkel, many other established practitioners, as well as hundreds of emerging writers and artists. Can you afford to miss out?




For those of you who are gift-givers: if you buy a Bag o’ Brows, we’ll post your order out immediately so that you can gift it as a Christmas present. Ipso facto ergo sum: you can be fabulously altruistic and also perhaps win many kilograms of culture! What a time to be alive.

Note: for those of you who already own copies of the Brow (you intelligent beautiful creatures), you can still enter, and just tell us which other copies you would like! Just check out our shop page to see which issues are available.

Also: this offer is open to both Australian and international persons. (Come on non-Australians — here’s your opportunity to take a crash course in Contemporary Australian Literature. You’ll be some kind of expert in that strange land you call home.) We will send the prize pile to anywhere in the world.

You gotta buy/enter before midnight Wednesday AEST.




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Also, thanks to Bedroom Suck Records!

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