Anne Barnetson on Fiona Wright’s ‘Small Acts of Disappearance’

When we spotted visual artist Anne Barnetson on Twitter in August last year saying thank you to Fiona Wright for her book, we immediately asked Anne if she’d like to draw something that responded to the work, and Anne (after finding our message in her Twitter inbox a few months later) agreed. We’re chuffed to able to share the below with you now — especially seeing as The Stella Prize winner is being announced tomorrow and Fiona is up for the gong. (Good luck Fiona!)

Here is Anne’s artist statement:

“Fiona Wright’s memoir Small Acts of Disappearance: Essays on Hunger is shortlisted for this year’s Stella Prize. A compelling, urgent, sensuous read detailing Wright’s struggle with anorexia, Small Acts is an insightful look into an often unrecognised mental illness. As an award-winning poet, Wright’s use of language is beautiful and surprising, and this carries over into her longer prose. I loved this book for its exactitude, its colours and its relevance. For better or worse, our needs and compulsions are deeply embedded in who we are.”


(Click to enlarge!)

Anne Barnetson is an illustrator, bookseller and bibliophile based in Perth. More of her work can be seen on her Instagram.

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