Announcing Stranger in the Dark – an Intimate Affair Between Krissy Kneen and You


I don’t fuck like your lover fucks—tired from a day of work, pausing to ask if you turned the heater off in the loungeroom, stopping to switch their phone to silent or to kick the cat off the bed. You know how I fuck now. You know it in the split of your hips. Deep in the bone of you. I don’t need to tell you, but I will.

The Lifted Brow are excited to announce a new project for 2017: Stranger in the Dark, a serialised erotic fiction written by well-known Australian author and longtime Brow contributor Krissy Kneen. Here’s how Krissy describes it:

Stranger in the Dark is an affair. It is an affair that you will have with me. You will need to relax, to let me take control. You will need to breathe steady and deep, and try to stop your heart from beating too fast.

Twelve months, twelve emails, twelve parts of a complicated puzzle. You will assemble it, month by month. The story will take shape, through dream, through nightmare, through sex. What takes place is between me and you. What takes place is definitely not safe for work.

Write back to me if you dare, you never know where our tryst will take us. You won’t know where this will end.

All I know is I need to fuck you. I need to do it in words. I need to do it at a distance. Are you ready? You look ready. Feel me now. I’m ready.

I am waiting for you.


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