‘@artcleanse’, by Callum Rory Mitchell


Images by Callum Rory Mitchell.

Attempting to live-tweet my ten-day master cleanse via @artcleanse, I was hoping to come to forming a personal account and critique but instead entered a wavy headspace, made stranger by my own self-awareness over my online presence. The master cleanse is a detox made popular by Beyoncé, involving a lemon-cayenne-maple syrup liquid staple, a morning salt water flush and a herbal laxative. (Concept in collaboration with Kat Botten.)

(Text him) Non-iodised salt water flush i lie in the waves in apollo boy and all the supervisors have forgotten I am only eight (1 / 2)

3:18 PM - 1 Jan 2016 · Details

I have no immediate sense of autonomy to my name. I get pulled into a rip An aggressive khaki man noticed, it is my fault (2 / 2)

(salt water on bottom lip) would be a neat motif if it were a deleted act from a scrapped tim winton fiction

(salt water on bottom lip) would be a neat motif if it were a deleted act from a scrapped tim winton fiction

does tht make sense?

Sodium on an empty stomach Makes the body unkind

But Do i look better now?

the dream leading to this was all centred around a motorola razr flip phone

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mushroom-toned neoprene brassiere forces the tan out of distant friend Meanwhile I am afraid to start the day

I spent the optional ‘three day ease-in’ period gorging on lindt chocolate and drinking anything I could decorate with a maraschino cherrystatus, adaptogenic

“a god of yours I will tell you which of these fists come first” was sung from an empty glass in my waking dream

4:06 PM

I regret doing this cleanse, I want to make it through

i can hear my brother crunching on lime and pepper chips backgrounded by the sound of my own jealousy bouncing into being

a lot of people keep telling me they don’t want me to die

It doesn’t hurt yet but I know it will

5:46 PM

maybe i can patent a Salt water flush lip gloss in collaboration with the master cleanse team And get sent to los angeles all expenses paid

period of endurance tasks; an anti-intellectual system made popular by reality tv, newness, safe zones, the things that work for & against u

a lot of people keep telling me they don’t want me to die

you are worth it, you get used to the salt but the maple residue? idk

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so the first sip is fine, there are lime top notes not like a margarita, although cayenne does take me back to lower east side manhattan, (1 / 2)

long story (2 / 2)

i Keep telling people im off the grid for a while doing this cleanse, then proceed to tell them my new twitter handle for the fast itself

first day is wavy and my body is getting very warm, like my inner qi has gone tropo

i could rim a cocktail glass with all this himalayan salt on my lips from this morning salt water flush

i’m subsisting on liquids

cleanse colour scheme; murky yellow, hot red, remnant brown

family won’t like seeing you spit into an ancestry dna vial in a video on your instagram feed

and then they will silence u

Ok I miss cherries the most so far

envy for cherries

so far it sucks

first time in a while To smell my neighbours cooking and not roll my eyes

time goes slow: doubled minutes, I have had to cancel on three people so far, also mum thinks I’m angry with her

Can one whole day really do this I dreamt that ellen de generes was adopted at seventy

who could offer her a better life?!

in talks of ambulance prices

i’m awful to be around


was just in a near car accident from the backseat and the adrenaline has given me a momentary lust for life

Otherwise i’m in a fragile wing-touched butterfly state

takes master cleanse detox water as latest accessory

My body is microwaving in reverse

purified water systems are preferred but these are all just old rocks in a plastic tub

it’s all just dick and bacon, but the carb-free community is strong online

it’s all just dick and bacon, but the carb-free community is strong online

dreams were vanilla

if hair starts falling out i will have to end the cleanse, my hair has already been bleached and that’s basically halfway to follicle deadzone

ok something is going really bad

my lips and chin are peeling off

“it will ruin your teeth, you will strip your enamel, it will cost you thousands”

“i can’t believe you’re doing this after all you know about nutrition”

A White tail spider made its way through the room But why am I still spinning?

IRL skype delay I think i wl make it though

You dream alone That’s something incapable of escaping But i mean it’s not only loose rivets and good timing He will text back

What is it about salt water that inhibits digestion? Is it a slight nod to survival instincts, Is my body assuming i’m drowning with every litre of salty water and this is the body’s minor fit slowly forming from shock?

mum says i’ve been poisoned My lips have a faint brown stain And I am not empowered as I thought i’d be



I am three degrees from liquid This is a degradation weekend I want to sync my devotion to better things, i am a cup of yellow

thr r bttr forms of empwrmnt I’m redl frosted glas bt Lemin tang ok cayenne throatback burns Salt curls lip peel Caloric authority make sad

6:54 PM

well now what do you think of ginseng?

All my favourites are spam And the cayenne is getting involved in my relationships I anticipate rejection

alone spider ran up my quasi jumper and in squishing it I managdd to create an iridescent stain thT has nothing to do with detox except pain

detox and i r engaged in a misstep of things blood in 1 corner of the head and an urgency to remain distinguished w only 1 unvarnished nail

HTRK Psychic 9-5 Club & Lana del Rey demos pull me through the other side of day the Detox is good with its hands but needs to need me more

the direction of this is alien to me but in a bearable way Like soundlessness in panic So far have done little to impress anything new Im ok

i will not last the ten days,

have entered an exclusive frailty negating the empowerment I presumed to find in this stint

Body tremors

12:00 AM - 3 Jan 2016

dont tell ur uber driver about cleanse or lemon tonic

dont tell ur uber driver about cleanse or lemon tonic or anything made of things felt Your uber driver can help u forget pain,

5 stars babe

imhaving visisyots becaus ethey knw im weak and cnt access the energy it takes to train across the yarra She saw my lips gave me Aesop balm

cayenne crcjmstancss Situational distemper that goes quasi out of sight @ home,,Delineate intntions like a good love spell ft scentd candles

12:06 AM - 4 Jan 2016 · Details

creamVanilla scentd candles mKe even the most selfish spells follow thru It takes a request to follow irl over 3 months or so to hit home


add Depression Cherry to the detox mix

Detox is a coming of rage story

Old skype videos on new years, she’s drunk eating a toastie and i’m trying to find the best angle circa 2014 coz miss food

the diet has no fibre When u panic u r just Water in a new motion

by third day no hand tremors

i forgot i was fasting i took a handful of cashews and some peanuts, there were two lindt balls involved,

feel purified Like stolen water

like i should involve myself with the opportunities before me Aka eating a burger or something Brother might pay for it to congratulate me

days w/o propr caloric consumption Triggering 1 of my metallic panic attaks i looked over art from the past that shld stay buried Send help

deicjndng on lo-fi it’s ok i hv to be ok with lo-fi bcause i hv neither the emotional or macbook capacity tht hifi requires

Detox is hifi

i believe manspreading can occur bacterialLy Dont let me clenss w that in mind Ok food is safer whn it’s offbounds &no1 is using ur supplies

maybe i shld centre myself into a vegetarian lifestyle I am all for bone broth but I cannot accept seasonal genomes with binary systems

fuck my body i shld just detox my wardrobe

listen to your body but first your heart Or is that problematic?

when it cums dwn 2 it Avoid vic st c-food in ur streeteats It’s like a must Detox or not At least relapse 2 smthng forgiving, sft cheese idk

if i committed properly i wouldve evntually achieved three steps closer to owning a midriff body

i wish he hadnt shaved down my canines ,,, it definitely changed my social destiny

first day, aggression. second day, listlessness in a spell of normality. third day, total panic room vibes

I dreamt = OF A DOG Poxold black nIg aZ so mok fo lovue me

priorities; detox was downgraded, And I’m bttr for it Strangerd tld me I was a prototype I wld b ripped to death, I cldnt confirm or deny

fuck the detox Use your lemons for an Aviation; lemon juice, maraschino liqueur, violet syrup, gin shaken with ice

detox’s easy tears

i slammed 1.5 margaritas I’m a new born foal onFlinders lane and spring street is a goal or panic

the cbd flies kno i have such sweet cointreau on my lips

someone drank all my sloe gin

u voice less online when u r happier irl

5:53 PM - 5 Jan 2016

people tht look sad in the city Not always detoxing

most frstrted i hv ever been in 2015 was in a chapel st lindt cafe spent hrs in traffic etc Denim jackets hv acclimatised superegos Freezing

just need velveteen tht doesn’t make me feel like im about 2 b resuscitated in a Cincinatti vampire club A debut of intentions Felt washy

tear up bhind cracked ubud ray bons To ldr’s dark paradise & reminisce on ssenior woman’s bob It’s aujourdhui in a Nap-colour Old romance

cnt tell if blue’s my fav color aesthtcally but on pAper it’s virtually stop 17 on smith st U no? get a marg 4 $10 & it gets me there Shippy

most people don’t

ijist had ane tkre fking can of coke Am iPOSSESSD? lost it like a paperbag with a drawn on derwint pncil face Doomed Gwyneth, 777 area code

Her fiancé doesn’t eat nightshades [inflammatory reasons]

Everything is green when I close my eyes. The worst food I could think of right now would be flambé pineapple. e-zone layer qpp100

I don’t have any reason to be investing time into Giselle bündchen’s diet online Her fiancé doesn’t eat nightshades [inflammatory reasons]


role models that taste like wheat

Detox is becoming nondescript in mood Nighttime I smile more Something to do with pineal gland And lighting conditions

Cleanse means I’m spoilt for choice And flares seem to work well with Cold-body

saunter slow Clapping silk-softly

like the washed hands of a disappointed relative at speech time of your sweet sixteen


body and mind

but your integrity or authenticity is just renderings or something

idk do you?

lemon-based diets are willing yourself into worthlessness and being ok to start over

lemon-based diets are willing yourself into worthlessness and being ok to start over

ok to do that

last day of detox tjat never finished I just want to siprirse everisne


my detox is better than yours

Melbourne-based artist Callum Rory Mitchell’s interests lie in ambiguity. His work often draws on his experience with the occult. Operating under various online aliases in both visual art and writing, his practice focuses on constant transformation of self, exploring false identities, subjectivity, fear principles, questioning destiny, sexuality and the internet.