Briohny Doyle’s The Island Will Sink – Pre-Order it Now!


We here at The Lifted Brow have been so, so excited about this book for so, so long, and now it’s almost here – you can now pre-order Briohny Doyle’s debut novel (and our first book as publishers) The Island Will Sink ahead of its August release.

What are you waiting for? Pre-order it from any of the following fine places: Readings, Avid Reader, Gleebooks, Co-op, or NewSouth.

In a not-too-distant future perpetually on the brink of collapse, catastrophe is our most popular entertainment.

The energy crisis has come and gone. EcoLaw is enforced by insidious cartoon panda bears and their armies of viral-marketing children. The world watches as Pitcairn Island sinks into the Pacific, wondering if this, finally, will be the end of everything. Amongst it all, Max Galleon, anxious family man and blockbuster auteur, lives a life that he cannot remember.

What happens when you can outsource your memories – and even edit them?

When death can be reversed through digitisation, what is the point of living?

If the lines between real and unreal are fully blurred, can you really trust anyone, even yourself?

“I love this book. This is the hottest mess of a debut – a dystopian romp, as cinematic as a roller coaster ride, and deep with ideas and heart. It has everything – an amnesiac director of fully immersive disaster movies, an all-knowing coma specialist, a pair of perpetually plugged-in children who know even more, and one sinking island. Picture the technology section of the The Economist as directed by Jill Soloway. I have no higher praise.”

— Steven Amsterdam, author of Things We Didn’t See Coming, What The Family Needed, and The Easy Way Out

“The structure is adventurous, dense and poetic … I thought of J.G. Ballard’s imaginatively coherent, hard-edged, full-fledged imaginings.”

— Luke Davies, author of Candy and God of Speed, screenwriter of Life and Lion

“Intelligent, fast-paced, deeply considered and great fun, The Island Will Sink is a hell of a speculative ride through a future both familiar and strange. Doyle’s hyperactive Anthropocene vision is nothing short of thrilling.”

— Jennifer Mills, author of Gone, The Diamond Anchor, and The Rest is Weight

“A disconcerting sense of alienation flows through Doyle’s novel… This same detachment also raises probing questions about memory, legacy and the emotional imprints we leave on others – and what of us is left behind when these imprints disappear.”

Books+Publishing, May 2016

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