Bye Bye Marc; Hello Bailey and Ben!


Please join us in saying a huge+fond farewell to Marc Pearson, who has been our Art Editor for the past couple of years.

Marc says: “after 2 years and 8 issues of helping co-art edit and art edit The Lifted Brow, this is my last issue. it’s been fun and everyone there is v nice and you should check out this issue number 32 cause it’s a real good one I think. :0 <3″

What we do know: Marc is a tireless, warm, gentle, funny, intelligent, talented, patient and inclusively-minded human being, and our magazine, our organisation, and the world we all live in has been markedly improved as a direct result of his labour and care. Flick through any of the past eight issues and see just how broad and deep Marc’s curation has been – it’s a huge feat.

So, make sure you grab a copy of TLB32 when it comes out on December 1st—or subscribe now so we can post you a copy—to see Marc’s final contribution to the magazine as Art Editor.


Also: we excitedly (and officially) welcome our new Art Editors, Bailey Sharp and Ben Juers, and can’t wait to see what they do in the role. Bailey and Ben have been longtime contributors to our magazine as comics artists and illustrators, and their impassioned involvement in the Australian and international comics/visual art community is legendary.