Bye Ronnie! Hello Katie!

We are very sad to announce that Ronnie Scott, the Brow’s Art Editor (and Founder!), is stepping down from all art commissioning duties.

Ronnie has been almost 100% solely responsible for organising all of the visual art that has ever appeared in the Brow’s pages since 2007, first as the sole editor and chief of the magazine for the first five-ish years, and then as editor of the visual art features and illustrations for the past couple of years. It is no hyperbole to say that he has played a significant part in the resurgence of interest in graphic narratives, especially in Australia, and especially for Australian comics artists. He has commissioned and offered a wider and new readership to dozens of emerging and established visual artists, and provided readers who might not actively engage in the graphic narrative scene with entry points every single issue of the Brow.

Ronnie founded The Lifted Brow in 2007 and has always had a big hand in both the everyday of what we do and the directions in which we scramble. Much of the energy and inventiveness of the Brow stems from him because he is a tight bouncy ball of ebullience, always positive and looking for new opportunities, and he pursues strange and interesting ways of doing things not to be better than everyone else or to make others play catch-up, but because it’s his nature, and he cares. Everyone who works on the Brow feeds off his exuberance and he asks for naught in return. As such, we won’t quite let him leave. Instead, Ronnie will be popping back in from time to time, as a writer with words in our pages, or as a commissioning editor, or as whatever really. But still: this is a kind of goodbye. So goodbye Ronnie! We love you, and can’t wait to pluck your books off the shelves and see what other exciting projects you will throw yourself into.

Now is also the perfectest time to divulge that we have a new Art Editor, in the marvelous Katie Parrish.

A wonderful artist and organiser, Katie has agreed to slip into Ronnie’s wake, vowing to continue to do the same kind of excellent work that has been done for the first 20 issues, and also vowing to take the Brow into original and unfamiliar visual territories. We have published Katie many times because we have a skyhigh opinion of her work, and we also know she is as unselfishly interested—if not more—in boosting up the work of others. The merriment and excellence that awaits, beckoning: it’s almost too much to bear.

2014 is gonna be a very fun and electric year for our visual art, and for the Brow in general. Are you ready? Are you reading us regularly? Hop on board the proverbial train, friends, and sit your proverbial keister on that proverbial hay bale while we sing you a year-long proverbial folk ditty as we rock along these tracks through the proverbial night. What!