Our fourth print issue of the year is themed ‘Medicine’. Yep — we want all your words and visuals that have to do with health, caring, illness, etc. Be creative! Think laterally. Also be serious if you want: seriousity will be viewed as favourably as unseriousity. Be gory, be graphic, be gentle: just whatever you do, don’t be guarded.

We’re especially after two kinds of contributors for the Medicine Issue: excellent writers and artists tackling an issue related to medicine; and people who work in the medical industry.

We are morphine-happy to announce that Karen Hitchcock will be guest editor of this issue. A practising medical doctor and writer, Karen is the author of a wicked collection of short fiction, Little White Slips, and writes a regular medicine column for The Monthly.


Karen has provided some clear-cut instructions, which are as follows:

“Send us words and artwork about medicine, about doctors and nurses and shrinks, your body and mind, probes and needles, sickness and health, drugs and liquorice, spew and sick, blood and guts, mummy I’m bleeding, it’s his heart, bend over, this won’t hurt a bit, just a little more, do this, then this, open up, poke out your tongue, say ahhhhh. 

Also, if you’re a doctor you can send writing or artwork about anything. Yes, it’s unfair.”

Easy peasy. 

Submissions close midnight AEST on July 1st.  

Please submit all pieces through our swish system, which also contains lots of info about the kind of work we like most. Please state in your cover letter that your submission is for the Medicine Issue.

As always, the best way to understand the kind of work we like to publish is to read an issue or two of the Brow. You can get them here and they are inexpensive compared to a lot of goods and services.

Any questions or queries can be emailed through to editor[at]theliftedbrow[dot]com

For your health!