call out for submissions: The Sex Issue


Next year is bound to be an arousing one, because the near-ish future is always provocative. Accordingly, our first issue of The Lifted Brow in 2014 is going to be The Sex Issue. But we need fill it up! Fill it up with you, with your excellent work.

You can interpret the word ‘sex’ however you like. But do be aware that we are leaning more towards the sexy definition of sex, and less so the definition of sex as ‘gender’. Still, we’re always loose and flexible, so if you want to submit something pornographic or political, or if your bent is satire or even straight edge, hit us up.

We will look fondly upon:

  • long essays (no such thing as a word limit at the Brow; we’ve published 12,000 word pieces before and it wasn’t even a thing);
  • comics/graphic narratives;
  • fiction that tries something new;
  • exceptional erotica;
  • comment pieces that blend the personal with the universal;
  • and pieces that are perhaps uncategorisable.

If you’re familiar with the Lifted Brow then you know what we like. If you don’t know us, read us, or otherwise get the hell outta here, go on, scat.

Please send detailed pitches or finished pieces to More info about how to do this can be found on our submissions info page.

DEADLINE: Oct 31st, but the earlier your pitch or piece reaches us, the better chance everything will work out beautifully.

That’s enough, no more sexplaining! You can figure it out from here. And if you can’t, then perhaps it’s time you took a journey: a real sexy kind of journey. Go and explore that fetish/issue/person you’ve always wanted to explore, and then write about it. Then send that writing to us.

Sexily yours,

—The Lifted Brow