Do You Like T-Shirts, Tote Bags, and Art Prints? If So: Good News! We’re Now Selling These Things!

If you’re reading this—either by having entered “www dot theliftedbrow dot com” into your browser’s address bar, or by having followed us on the microblogging platform and social networking website “Tumblr dot com”—you’re probably doing so because you like us, yes? We put in inordinate amounts of work to bring you, our readers, just so much good stuff: our quarterly attack journal full of thought-provoking words and enjoyment-provoking art, regular original online content, book reviews, events, special projects and collaborations, etc. etc. And we’ve got so much more planned for the very near future: our first-ever book (Briohny Doyle’s The Island Will Sink), as well as other projects that we can’t wait to tell you all about. And to do all of this stuff, we need something that you might have a little of which to spare: money.

As ever, the best way to give us money is to subscribe, subscribe, and subscribe again – not only do you get to receive our quarterly attack journal, you also get the warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a literary organisation, and we get the message from you that you think we are doing something good. But we realise that some people might like to support us above and beyond subscribing, or might simply like an excellent t-shirt or tote bag to show the world their love for what we do. Ergo: we’ve printed up a bunch of t-shirts and tote bags, which you can now buy. And how good do they look? (Very.)

In addition: we’re also still selling prints from our Riso Printshop Show which we put on with those deadset legends from the Emerging Writers’ Festival, featuring Xanthe Dobbie, Lee Lai, Tommi PG, Lynn Nguyen, Sam Wallman, Merv Heers Nicky Minus, Caroline Anderson, Michael Hawkins, Hiro MCL and Marc Pearson. You can buy these prints online here, and as you can see, they would look very fetching on the wall of your residence, probably.

Get amongst it and beautify your body/your toting/your residence! Those links again: t-shirts, tote bags, art prints.