Excerpt: "Two's Company – Three's A Working Relationship", by Zenobia Frost

Photograph by Pietro Izzo. Reproduced under the Creative Commons 2.0 Licence.

Every now and then, I manage to pause The X-Files, leave the house and make a friend. Why? Because I’m low on Vitamin D, sunshine loves company and sometimes so do I. But I hit a dilemma in every ice-breaking chat: I have to decide, in a flash, whether to mention my double-boyfriend status.

It’s inevitable. New friends ask each other about work, passions, partners, cats (mostly cats). When I answer, do I mention only one partner (erasing the other)? Do I merge them, transformer-style, into one very talented mega-boyfriend? I could be up front – but honesty comes with complications.

I’m used to being quizzed about relationships and sexuality. For a fairly vanilla slice, I’ve dated across spectra of gender and age. I’ve had lovers live in my pocket and live overseas. I even once went out with a reverend. Mum has ceased to express surprise. Yet, of all the questions I’ve been asked, this one remains the most challenging: “How did you talk two men into this?”

The answer depends on the audience. There’s the cop-out quickie: a sly, flirty eyebrow-raise. The quip: “The harem is very comfortable.” And then there’s the real answer: My partners are two intelligent adults who gave their informed consent after a year’s worth of reading, thinking and conversation. The truth is that the only thing I’ve trained them in is how I like my morning cup of tea.

The long answer might be the one I prefer to give—I don’t want to end up listed in anyone’s phone as “Hugh Hefner"—but it’s a gateway to stickier topics: ethical nonmonogamy and consent. Critical discussion surrounding these concepts remains relatively new. Consent, on its own, has been waiting since the dinosaurs to become a hot topic; it was Jaclyn Friedman’s 2011 essay "The (Nonexistent) Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Consequences of Enthusiastic Consent” that got the ball rolling for me.


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