Excerpt: ‘What’s Your Daddy?’, by Regrette Etcetera


Photo by Jens Aarstein Holm. Image reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

So this one time I turn up for a trick, nursing 2 broken ribs—willingly accrued & resplendent—for a “straight couple” in Rozelle, Sydney. & yes, that splatterfukk adultmatchmaker.com does at times come through with the curious (though I won’t say adventurous) hets, & here we have a florist & a game designer in their happy sandstone & frangipani home, plus your Hilariously Erudite authorial guide, for some femme domme/sissification humiliation.

Their dog ‘Arto’—though I’m sure ‘he’ prefers the spelling ‘Artaud’—is a huge white Boxer that has its own couch & whom I’ve been eyeing none-too-stealthily since I arrived & received its wet-nose marks on my crotch (vide infra). They got Artaud from some animal rescue place, and Artaud had been “trained to make sex films” (evidently some mind/crotch-numbing hetero argot), his porn cameo calling being to “push open the door & interrupt” (i.e. fukk & knot poor wifey) when it hears them “making love” (again, the baragouin). Naturally, they feel really bad for Artaud, but have necessarily established numerous strategies to delimit & contain such “behaviour”.

So, there would seem to be (some number of) websites offering behaviour modification regimes specific to post-porno pooches (oh don’t we smell a thesis grant there ppl! An under-theorized genre, no doubt!), and they have introduced a regimen that amounts to attempts to:

  • a) play porn around lil Artaud to get it used to the sound of fukking,
  • b) maintain ye olde locked door,
  • c) enact firm disciplinary reactions re. any transgression, with the implicit addendums:
  • d) pretend they aren’t into it, &
  • e) not mention it at dinner parties. (Evidently the reason they’re so willing to follow my obtuse & time-consuming questioning on the matter.)

Now, whilst I’m conversant with the history of Ethology, Socio-Biology (& their ever so cleaner-newer sister, Evolutionary Psychology), & thus find no small measure of humour in the models of Mind underlying their strategies, being in the room with such a hot mess of trained sentience has me Quite Simmering. And what with the attendant fantasies of those old Nazis Konrad Lorenz & Von Holst (necessarily in cardigans) nodding over this hot experiment in ‘Degraded Stimulus Phenomena’—namely, Artaud interrupting our tawdry scene to fukk me—I can barely keep up with the long-winded confessions of the two proprietary bipeds.

Perhaps it is more to the point to say that I spent a significant portion of my “formative years” getting eaten out by the family dogs out in the shed, trying to get other people’s dogs to fuck me, & developing lengthy & complicated fantasies involving circus and laboratory scenarios populated by larger carnivores, and/or Scythian horsemen & their bleeding, expiring mounts. Which is to say, my Father-surrogate. As such, I’m somewhat more interested in Artaud than these two nervous pre-verts. Though if he’d live up to his namesake & could sprout some new organs (viz. To Have Done with the Judgment of God (1947))—say, opposable thumbs with which to flick through a healthy stack of $100 notes—I’d liquidate these two & move right in (Freud’s analytic caninophilia be damned).

Insofar as we are still waiting on a bored biotech-magnate to finance ‘“The Island of Dr. Haraway”’, or indeed engineer Bulgakov’s famously dissolute Citizen-Canine (Heart of a Dog (1925)), I must at pains return to more droll concerns. Mr. Gameboy has talked her into letting him be “dominated by a shemale,”, & wants her to watch as I degrade & torture him. & honey, I’ll facilitate this petit-bourgeois boredom until their unicorns come home to roost. While I usually avoid The Forced Feminization / Sissy Humiliation shtick (& indeed have a template essay-manifesto reply for such requests), getting paid for my lazy Shibari, some half-hearted degradation, & seeing him in my clothes whilst internally grooming the relevant transfeminist rant will have to do.

As hubby’s getting into it, & ostensibly ringing Pavlov’s bell, Artaud starts clawing the door like crazy (viz. Voyage to Tarahumaras (1936)), & it sounds like he’ll actually break it in. Slurp. All I want is Art’s weight & smell on me, the knot-shock, & to simultaneously start breathily addressing the aforementioned rant at these two Homo Sap-iens (viz. ‘Theatre of Cruelty’ (1958)). Imagining the this particular tableau reflected in their chrome & glass “It actually featured in Better Homes & Gardens” kitchen, it all seems quite the Wishful Archetypal Moment.

While they offer embarrassed excuses & rush to placate a frantic Artaud, I realize that anything less than such a dreamy outcome that unfolds after this will be Miss Muchly Insufferable, so I feign a sudden sickness, & inasmuch as they misread this as a courteous signal that their shameful marital ordeal can be over, my fee is fully extant & appreciatively parted with. Upon leaving, I survey the nature of their property barriers, & make an indelible note of their address in the Mind in my theory of Mind.

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Regrette Etcetera is decribed as “Kathy Acker’s X-Files or Alfred Jarry as a Cockette” and is a Sydney-based performer, writer, activist, costumier, DJ (Meta Etc.), & whore, with a very marketable set of identity descriptors.