Jon Tjhia’s mixtape is titled ‘Feelings Galaxy’

“I don’t know which is more surprising: that seriously emotional music for one person is tedious or unmoving to another; or that the same piece of music can graze that continuum so erratically for just the one person. Songs are the great love affairs of our lives, or at least they are to, erm, songophiles. We fall headily for some and blindly march into relationships with others. Some days, we betray them with other songs (new and exciting ones, even), and some nights, we coddle them like nothing else exists except the two of us. For the lover of songs there are highs and lows, but few regrets.

I also tend to wonder when a song becomes a not-song. After all, the best exude some sort of essence. What can you strip away before it’s gone? How delicate is the balance? What is the required detail? And beyond the song itself, what are the things that happen in our lives/minds that open or close that perfect window through which a song might enter us? 

There is a whole feelings galaxy out there (in here) about which we still know so little. Who knows whether to be more impressed with the vastness and eternity of the twinkling universe, or the impeccable discipline and force of the craft?

Back to planet. This collection of songs and sounds is like a small gathering of people and animals that I’ve met. I don’t think they’d really be friends – 'you know how you have, like, different groups?’ – so until now, I’ve declined to invite them to the same do. I hope you have good conversational skills. I made dips.”

—Jon Thjia