From the Archive: Five Poems by James Brown


Image by Vern. Reproduced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License.

This piece appears in The Lifted Brow #18. Get your copy here.

if you like someone you want to try to touch their genitals

before that though you have to try and figure out a way to
interact with them in such a way that involves lingering for
a bit too long

then they know
and you know

sexual attraction can make you want to have sex with
people that you would be absolutely horrified to produce a
baby with.

remember: finding somebody attractive is just your body’s
way of tricking you into breeding and reproducing more

but it’s still good I think

love thing

i imagined you as an intricate sparkling diamond

surrounded by tendrils of gold threads, infinitesimally
fragmented and glittering

you emerged from a thin golden thread from my chest
and hovered above me

i want to run the tips of my fingers down the entire length

of your back faintly, so you can barely register the sensation

maybe send a gold shiver through your entire body


i am sitting in a park and there are businessmen walking past me in black suits, some grey

seems good that all these people walking around in suits doing business meetings like to lick some

genitals also sometimes

i spent at least 20 seconds visualising making out with a crow while staring at a crow

imagine if you could make birds explode if you stared at them for long enough

there should be a Counting Crows song called: ‘there are five crows’

what if a giant asteroid was on track to completely obliterate the earth but at the last moment it just
came up and kissed it a bit and left

seems weird that people evolved to have to wear clothes

billions of people

a cool thing about being human is feeling like a parasitic cancer upon the earth

most of the time i feel like a guy who has won $598 million dollars in the lottery and is complaining
about not getting $600 million dollars 

i also feel like a guy who wins an award like an Oscar or a Grammy and goes up on stage to accept it
and trips and breaks his neck, instantly dying 

when i am rich i’m just gonna smash plates when i’m done eating

buying diamonds seems completely insane though

if you put your ear to the ground and listen carefully you can hear the Earth whispering “Get off me”

when i think about the amount of planes flying around every hour every day it makes me feel
overwhelmed and afraid and want to go back to bed

listening to heavy rain in bed

i like lying in bed in the morning and listening to heavy rain outside

the inside of my cat’s ear is very weird looking, like an alien cave

i wish you could kick cats and they would break off into smaller
versions of themselves like in the game Asteroids

imagine if instead of drinking and socialising in bars people got
together in large groups and took acid and listened to Liszt in silence
and stared at the ceiling for 5 hours

i think being able to compose music for contemporary dance would
put me on the low priority list if there was an apocalyptic situation in
which society broke down and people were chosen to be saved or fed
to other people or left to die

James Brown is a man who lives in Sydney, Australia. He works as a freelance composer and artist and also sometimes writes poetry.