Gallery: Mixtape Memoirs at the Sydney Writers' Festival


On Friday 23rd May, The Lifted Brow had the pleasure of presenting Mixtape Memoirs at the Sydney Writers’ Festival.

Five writers – Eimear McBride, Rebecca Giggs, Pip Smith, Aden Rolfe, and Vanessa Berry – talked about a single song that holds a meaning for them, with accompanying illustrations from some of Australia’s best comics artists.

We’re pleased to present this collection of illustrations from the event. Click on any thumbnail to open the gallery.




The Artists

Nicky Minus is an illustrator and comic maker from Sydney. Her work has appeared in The Lifted Brow, on the covers of cassettes and vinyl and on posters for Sydney bands. Her passion for making filthy comics has led her to be dubbed “the queen of seed” by a couple of people. See her work at or email her at

Safdar Ahmed is a Sydney based artist and academic in the field of Islamic studies. He is the author of Reform and Modernity in Islam and the graphic memoir, The Good Son. He works mostly in the mediums of drawing and comics and is the director of the Refugee Art Project, for which he conducts regular art classes with asylum seekers and refugees in the Villawood detention centre. Refugee Art Project aims to deepen public understanding about the asylum seeker issue and the realities of Australia’s detention regime.

Lachlan Conn is an artist and illustrator living in Blacksmiths, Australia.

Bailey Sharp is a cartoonist from Georgia currently studying animation at UTS. Outside of uni she works as a freelance artist doing illustrations for sites like Narratively, creating comics for anthologies like Irene or animations like her recent music video for the band Dog Trumpet.

Leigh Rigozzi is a Sydney-based artist and illustrator. He is somewhat known for his autobiographical comics, exhibits his work in galleries sporadically, and is the editor of Australian comics anthology Blood & Thunder.