Get Your Entries in to The Lifted Brow’s Experimental Non-Fiction Prize – Only Ten Days Left!

Hi hi hello hi hi! Have you heard all about the thing we like to call The Lifted Brow & non/fictionLAB Prize for Experimental Non-Fiction yet? (If not: where even have you been hiding? Don’t bother answering that, just click on the link above – it will tell you everything you need to know.) Did you know that entries for the prize close on May 29, i.e. in a mere ten days? Yep, that’s right – you’ve only got ten whole days left in which to burnish your piece of experimental non-fiction to the kind of shiny lustre that will impress our judges.

Thanks to the generous support of new partners Copyright Agency and RMIT University’s non/fictionLab, the prize winner will receive AU$5000 and publication in Issue #31 of The Lifted Brow – available September 2016. Two runners-up will receive AU$500 and an opportunity to discuss publication prospects with the Brow editors. Why on earth wouldn’t you want to enter this prize? In fact, why haven’t you already closed this browser window so that you can work on your entry?

If you’re stuck for inspiration or information, don’t worry, we have you covered. You can learn all about our four wonderful judges, with links to their work and reviews and interviews, right here:

You can also read last year’s winning piece right here:

You can also read a bunch of writing that we hope you will find inspiring/instructive/informative right here:

Read! But don’t read too much, because if you want to have a chance at winning this prize you should be writing and editing and directing all of your energy at making your piece the best it can possibly be. You have only ten days left! Get to it! And once you’re happy with your piece, go right ahead and submit it.