Hello and welcome and please take a seat (take it where? Nowhere is where, we mean sit down and enjoy your sitting).


Well. Hi, everyone! Thanks for coming. Here are some things that are new about what we’re doing from now on: 

— This website! It’s here now, if you hadn’t noticed! It’s really here. 

— There is now a digital edition of The Lifted Brow. We’ve brought it into the world with the excellent team at 29th Street Publishing. Please head this way to find out how to get it and load it on your iOS device. 

— There is a shop! A shop filled with old things and new. Things you might have missed but certainly won’t want to miss in the future. Feast your eyes upon our wares

— Everyone loves mixtapes, and here they are! Probably we’ll keep doing these because they are fun as. 

— This is who we are. This is how to contribute to the magazine

— These are our contributors, who you won’t mind us saying, are each more devastatingly handsome than the last. There are so many of them! So many, in fact, that we’re still adding everyone, so please do go back there on the regular to find out where to get more of their work into your goggling eyeballs. 

— Pretty much that’s it! Oh, here are the archives. Pursue them at your leisure and they too will be continually added to with new things, old things, and special things. Things! We could never not do without them. 

— One more! If you’d like to be kept abreast of all things Brow—new issues, reissues, books, parties, festival appearances, what vegetables we really love (beetroot) and really hate (cucumber)—then please join our mailing list. We promise to write to you no more than once every month or two, and within those missives a great deal of sparkling wit and concern for you will be contained, we hope and pray.

Olay! Thank you so much for coming and reading our stuff. 

- The Lifted Brow


ABOVE IMAGE: Karolina Sulich’s colouring contest from our October 2011 issue, which you can print out, in case you don’t want to mess up your magazine. COLOUR WELL EVERYBODY. (Contest closed, but please, go to town with your connector pens!)