I booted up my Hewlett Packard computer and impatiently sat through its mechanical hums and gasps as it lurched onto the Windows XP home-screen. Sitting with pants around my ankles and hard-on in my unsure left hand, I opened a sluggish Internet Explorer, grinding my teeth in frustration as the dial-up made its skreez and skrawz and searched for a connection. My sexual naivety was perhaps only matched by my naivety of all things computer. Most of my internet searches up to that point had been for walk-throughs for Baldur’s Gate and the like. I typed “google images” into the Yahoo! search bar and then sat in mild trepidation, overwhelmed by choices for visual stimuli. I decided to search for something specific, something that would titillate me beyond measure, something to match the swelling perversions that had driven me to what I then saw as an extreme act of masturbatory sin. I googled: “porn woman.”
— from “The Jerk”, a piece by Patrick Marlborough in The Lifted Brow #21: The Sex Issue. Get your copy now!