if transparency works for air, then why not for us too?


We crowdfunded our most recent issue, and although we provided great incentives for those who pledged $$$, we still feel it’s important to make it transparent where the money went. So, here’s a very quick breakdown: 



+$12,200 crowdfunding

+$500 Scribe advertisement

+$300 QUT advertisement

—$2700 (printing)

—$5000 (editorial and design staff)

—$600 Pozible fees

—$300 transaction fees (credit cards & PayPal)

=$4500 for contributor payments

(We then added $1000 onto this figure from hopeful future sales of the MWF issue, taking our total contributor payment pool to $5500.)




  • 9 long pieces: $250 (total $2250) 
  • 17 medium pieces: $100 (total $1700) 
  • 6 short pieces: $50 (total $300) 
  • 6 Tiny Ideas: free copy of the magazine


  • 7 comics: $150 (total $1050) 
  • 4 illustrations: $50 (total $200) 


=$5500 contributors fees 



This issue is the first time we’ve ever paid any editors of the Brow anything for their work. It feels good, and it’s only right, as the amount of time and effort that went in both during the weeks and months leading up to the issue, and during the ten days of the festival, was fairly ridiculous.

If you haven’t got yourself a copy of TLB19 yet, do it now. Every sale helps us cover postage costs and all the other added costs of making a magazine that no one ever thinks about but they are alwayyyyyyyyyys real. (There were additional production costs for the MWF issue alone of about $1500, including promotion, events staging, food and bar tab, etc.)

Once again, thanks to all those who supported us with TLB19, and for those who support us all the time, every day, in big and little ways. 

—The Lifted Brow